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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bella believe that James wants?
(a) To start a vampire clan war.
(b) To be the leader of Carlisle's clan.
(c) To turn her.
(d) Edward to come after him.

2. What does Edward say that Bella is for him?
(a) A stabilizing force.
(b) His own brand of heroin.
(c) His favorite flavor of ice cream.
(d) Something strange and wonderful.

3. What does Jacob tell Bella his father said to tell Bella?
(a) We'll be watching.
(b) That was just a taste of what is to come.
(c) There are consequences to your actions.
(d) Dont think this is over.

4. What does Edward say that Charlie did before he left for work?
(a) Replaced her driver license.
(b) Reattached the cables to her truck.
(c) Put her key back on the table.
(d) Came in to check on Bella.

5. What does Bella's mother say has happened to Phil?
(a) He has decided to come back to Phoenix and give up on being a ball player.
(b) He won the lottery.
(c) He has a new job as a door to door salesman.
(d) He has been signed with a team.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward say he heard Bella say in her sleep?

2. What does Edward say he can taste when Bella's blood is clean?

3. Jasper asks Bella if what is close by?

4. How does Edward say you kill a vampire?

5. What does Bella recognize in the second picture that Alice draws?

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