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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alice say to Bella when they hug?
(a) That Bella does smell good.
(b) She gives her lottery numbers.
(c) That she is so glad that Bella finally got there.
(d) That they are going to be just like sisters.

2. What does Edward say he heard Bella say in her sleep?
(a) Vampires rock.
(b) Don't leave me.
(c) I love you.
(d) Take me with you.

3. What does Laurent say when Carlisle asks that they not feed in the area since Carlisle's family lives there?
(a) They weren't really that hungry.
(b) They just got done with a fishing boat.
(c) They just ate in Seattle.
(d) They can wait till they reach the next city.

4. Where does Bella realize that Edward is taking her?
(a) Out to dinner and a movie.
(b) To meet another coven of vampires.
(c) To a formal family dinner.
(d) To prom.

5. What does Bella think about while she rides in the cab to Scottsdale?
(a) What her children would have been like.
(b) All the things she won't get to do in her life.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Edward.

6. Who does Bella's father put on the phone to talk to Edward?
(a) Mike.
(b) Tyler.
(c) Eric.
(d) Jessica.

7. What does Billy send Jacob to get out of his vehicle while he talks to Bella?
(a) A book he borrowed.
(b) Some asprin.
(c) A picture.
(d) A fishing pole.

8. Where does Bella tell Edward her mother is?
(a) In the next room.
(b) She isn't sure.
(c) Safe in Florida.
(d) Dead.

9. Who does James say he knew from the Cullen family from past experiences?
(a) Alice.
(b) Esme.
(c) Carlisle.
(d) Jasper.

10. What does Edward say about his human instincts?
(a) They died long ago.
(b) They are becoming stronger each day.
(c) They are non exsistent.
(d) They are buried deep.

11. What does James tell Bella is the reason she was chosen to be his prey?
(a) She smelled too good to ignore.
(b) He wants to destroy the Cullen coven.
(c) She reminds him of his wife.
(d) Wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd.

12. What does Bella tell Edward about Alice?
(a) Alice knows everything.
(b) She will never bet against Alice.
(c) Alice is her best friend.
(d) Alice is deadly.

13. Why does Edward say swimming is easy for them?
(a) They can tread water faster.
(b) They can float easier.
(c) They don't need to breathe.
(d) They can turn into bat fish.

14. What injury does Carlisle NOT say Bella has?
(a) Broken leg.
(b) Broken ribs.
(c) Broken fingers.
(d) A gash on her head.

15. What do they do to confuse James' ability to track Bella's scent?
(a) Bella douses herself in deer urine.
(b) Bella and Esme trade clothes.
(c) Rosalie and Bella trade clothes.
(d) Bella gives a piece of her clothing to each family member.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Bella use to get away from Jasper and Alice?

2. What does Bella believe that James wants?

3. What was Eseme dying of when she was changed?

4. How does Edward say you kill a vampire?

5. What does Edward say when Bella asks if vampires like baseball?

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