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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alice say to Bella when they hug?
(a) That they are going to be just like sisters.
(b) She gives her lottery numbers.
(c) That Bella does smell good.
(d) That she is so glad that Bella finally got there.

2. What does Edward say that he went to Carlisle to tell him after having met Bella?
(a) That he wanted to be home schooled.
(b) That he was leaving.
(c) That he needed some drugs.
(d) That he was going to kill Bella that night.

3. What does Bella's mother say has happened to Phil?
(a) He has a new job as a door to door salesman.
(b) He has decided to come back to Phoenix and give up on being a ball player.
(c) He won the lottery.
(d) He has been signed with a team.

4. What does Edward say that Bella is for him?
(a) His favorite flavor of ice cream.
(b) Something strange and wonderful.
(c) A stabilizing force.
(d) His own brand of heroin.

5. What does Edward say is the reason Bella cannot drive home?
(a) She forgot her licence at home.
(b) She scares him.
(c) She has had too much wine with their lunch.
(d) She is drunk from his presence.

6. What does Bella say she is worried about?
(a) That Edward's family won't like her.
(b) That the family will attack her.
(c) That Rosalie will be mean.
(d) That there will be human parts in the fridge.

7. What does Bella ask Alice about?
(a) How she controls her hunger.
(b) How they are able to smell so well.
(c) How she sees the future.
(d) How to become a vampire.

8. What does Bella say evading Jasper and Alice will be?
(a) Easy .
(b) Something interesting to try.
(c) Impossible.
(d) Scary.

9. What does Alice say she saw in the beginning of Hide-and-Seek when she is rocking back and forth?
(a) Bella's father.
(b) Just the same room.
(c) Edward's plane crashing.
(d) Bella's mother.

10. How many times does Edward say he has found someone who made him feel the way that Bella does as far as smell goes?
(a) Only once before.
(b) Never.
(c) Twice.
(d) Too many times to count.

11. What does Edward say about his human instincts?
(a) They are buried deep.
(b) They are becoming stronger each day.
(c) They died long ago.
(d) They are non exsistent.

12. What does Edward say that James is?
(a) A sicko.
(b) A trained killer.
(c) A tracker.
(d) A wild animal.

13. What ability does Edward explain that Alice has?
(a) She can fly.
(b) She can manipulate the future.
(c) She can control the weather.
(d) She can see things that might happen.

14. What does Alice say is the reason that she and Jasper are checking out of the hotel?
(a) They don't like the room service.
(b) They are going to move closer to Bella's mother.
(c) They are going to leave the city.
(d) They are going back to Forks.

15. What does Bella tell her father when she gets home?
(a) That Edward hurt her.
(b) That Edward had another girl on the side.
(c) That she broke up with Edward.
(d) That Edward was an egotistical maniac.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward say he did in order to handle being around Bella?

2. What does Edward say when Bella asks if vampires like baseball?

3. What does Bella ask Alice to do?

4. What does Bella say about death when she wakes up in the hospital room?

5. What does Bella say that James is going to do?

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