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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the last of the preface what does Bella say that the hunter is doing as he walks towards her?
(a) Licks his lips.
(b) Smiles.
(c) Laughs.
(d) Starts transforming into a hideous vampire.

2. What does Bella tell Edward about blood?
(a) It reminds her of her dying grandmother.
(b) She had surgery once and it caused a phobia.
(c) She was in a car accident once and someone died.
(d) She can smell it.

3. What does Bella say she is more than a little obsessed by?
(a) Edward.
(b) The odd things in Forks.
(c) Her father's new behavior.
(d) A murder that has happened.

4. When Edward drives Bella to school in Complications what is the first question he asks her?
(a) What is your favorite food?
(b) What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
(c) What is your favorite color?
(d) How often do you eat pizza?

5. Why does Edward say that he shouldn't have driven Bella to school?
(a) He is leaving early with Alice.
(b) His car is having trouble.
(c) They need to spend less time together.
(d) Billy Black seeming them together is going to cause trouble.

6. What does Bella feel is the reason that Edward isn't at school in Open Book?
(a) Her.
(b) The odd weather.
(c) Because of a car accident.
(d) His homework.

7. What surprises Bella when she first sees the truck her dad bought her?
(a) The amount of rust the car is holding.
(b) It is allowed on the street.
(c) The wonderful paint job.
(d) She actually likes it.

8. What does Angela say is the reason the Cullens miss school when the weather is nice?
(a) As a religious practice.
(b) Because they were freaks.
(c) To go backpacking.
(d) To enjoy family time.

9. In the preface what does Bella say she is looking at?
(a) The dark eyes of the hunter.
(b) A mirrored reflextion of her would be killer.
(c) A picture of her mother.
(d) The moon.

10. What does Bella ask Jacob to do?
(a) Go for a walk with her on the beach.
(b) Go for a swim.
(c) Walk up to the shop.
(d) Go to the tidal pools.

11. What does Jessica say when Bella says she doesn't think that Edward likes her?
(a) Edward is just unique.
(b) It's possible.
(c) He doesn't like anyone.
(d) She is sure that Bella is wrong.

12. Why does Edward tell Bella she should tell Charlie that she is going out with Edward?
(a) Because it is the right thing to do.
(b) So he will have some incentive to bring her home.
(c) Because he wants Charlie to respect him.
(d) So that someone will know where to look for her if something goes wrong.

13. What does Jacob say about the truck that Bella bought?
(a) Be sure to keep an eye on the carborator.
(b) Don't try to drive it over sixty.
(c) Try and honk the horn when you turn a corner.
(d) Don't trust the brakes too much.

14. What does Bella's mother ask the location of when she emails Bella in the chapter Open Book?
(a) Her bankbook.
(b) The car keys.
(c) A pink blouse.
(d) The plate belonging to the neighbors.

15. Why does Bella say that she is wearing her favorite shirt to the airport?
(a) As a farewell gesture.
(b) To lift her own spirits.
(c) For good luck.
(d) To create the perfect scene in her mind for her last day in Phoenix.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward promise to let Bella do if she will forgive him for watching her in gym?

2. Where does Bella remember her pepper spray is?

3. Where does Bella tell Mike she has seen snow before?

4. What does Mike tell Bella that Edward does that Mike doesn't like?

5. What does Bella realize when she talks to Dr. Cullen?

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