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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Bella tries to storm out of her Biology class in Invitations?
(a) Bella breaks a beaker.
(b) Bella trips and drops her books.
(c) Bella knocks a couple of people over.
(d) Bella runs into the door.

2. Where does Edward tell Bella they are going?
(a) A hunting lodge.
(b) An island on a secluded lake.
(c) To the movies.
(d) For a five-mile hike.

3. What does Edward say is the reason he needs to go back to school?
(a) To tell everyone they survived.
(b) To get Bella's homework.
(c) For an English test.
(d) To get his car.

4. What does the Indian boy say when the Cullens are mentioned?
(a) They aren't allowed at La Push.
(b) They are good friends.
(c) They are freaks.
(d) They have a restraining order.

5. What does Charlie tell Bella she needs to do when she gets home?
(a) Clean her room.
(b) Call her mother.
(c) Take an asprin.
(d) Go lay down.

6. Why does Charlie say that Billy Black sold Charlie his truck?
(a) Billy got a new one.
(b) Billy is just a good friend trying to help out.
(c) Billy is in a wheelchair now.
(d) Billy restores them and then sells them.

7. What does Bella's mother ask the location of when she emails Bella in the chapter Open Book?
(a) A pink blouse.
(b) Her bankbook.
(c) The plate belonging to the neighbors.
(d) The car keys.

8. What does Edward say it is easier to do when he tunes out all the voices?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Remain sane.
(c) Seem normal.
(d) Concentrate.

9. From where does Jessica say that the Cullens have moved to Forks?
(a) Russia.
(b) Alaska.
(c) Ohio.
(d) No one is sure.

10. Who is at Bella's house when Edward drops her off?
(a) The deputiy sherrif.
(b) Jessica.
(c) Billy Black.
(d) Mike.

11. What does Jacob ask Bella if she likes?
(a) Chocolate cake.
(b) Folk tales.
(c) Scary stories.
(d) Mysteries.

12. What does Bella say she would have done if Edward had asked her to go to the dance?
(a) Told him no.
(b) Pretended not to speak English.
(c) Told him she was going with someone else.
(d) Said yes and then canceled last minute.

13. What do they do in class when Bella arrives for Biology?
(a) Disect frogs.
(b) Give oral reports.
(c) Look at insects.
(d) Examine their blood.

14. What does Bella say her stepfather does for a living?
(a) Vet.
(b) Plays ball.
(c) Construction work.
(d) Acting.

15. What does Bella speculate is the reason that Jessica doesn't like the Cullens after she sees the way that Jessica looks at them?
(a) Desire.
(b) Fear.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bella realize when she talks to Dr. Cullen?

2. What is Bella relieved to find mention of in the vampire information?

3. What does Bella decide that Edward meant when he said they shouldn't be friends?

4. What does Bella see in the window of the bookstore that she chooses not to enter?

5. Why does Edward say he is going hunting with Alice?

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