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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Impatience.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angela say is the reason the Cullens miss school when the weather is nice?
(a) As a religious practice.
(b) To enjoy family time.
(c) Because they were freaks.
(d) To go backpacking.

2. What does Bella's father say is the reason that Dr. Cullen has chosen to live in a small town like Forks?
(a) His wife wanted to live in a small town.
(b) They wanted to start over with their kids.
(c) They move around a lot and go everywhere.
(d) They had a family member leave them some land.

3. Why does Edward tell Bella she should tell Charlie that she is going out with Edward?
(a) So that someone will know where to look for her if something goes wrong.
(b) Because it is the right thing to do.
(c) Because he wants Charlie to respect him.
(d) So he will have some incentive to bring her home.

4. What does Alice say to Bella when they hug?
(a) That she is so glad that Bella finally got there.
(b) She gives her lottery numbers.
(c) That Bella does smell good.
(d) That they are going to be just like sisters.

5. When Bella first sees the Cullens what does she notice is the same about them?
(a) The way that they walk.
(b) Their hair.
(c) The color of their eyes.
(d) Their chalky white appearance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward say that he went to Carlisle to tell him after having met Bella?

2. What does Bella tell Mike when he asks about Bella and Edward?

3. What do they do to confuse James' ability to track Bella's scent?

4. What does Edward refer to Jacob as when dropping Bella off at her house in The Game?

5. Jasper asks Bella if what is close by?

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