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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Game.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bella ask her father to let her be in charge of?
(a) Cleaning.
(b) Cooking.
(c) Buying her own clothes.
(d) Laundry.

2. What does Edward tell Bella after she admits she isn't going to quit asking about how he managed to get to her so quickly and stop the van from crushing her?
(a) He doesn't have time to talk.
(b) He hopes she enjoyes disappointment.
(c) She is being childish.
(d) Everyone will think she is crazy.

3. How many times does Edward say he has found someone who made him feel the way that Bella does as far as smell goes?
(a) Twice.
(b) Too many times to count.
(c) Never.
(d) Only once before.

4. In the last of the preface what does Bella say that the hunter is doing as he walks towards her?
(a) Laughs.
(b) Starts transforming into a hideous vampire.
(c) Smiles.
(d) Licks his lips.

5. What does Edward say is the real reason he wanted Bella to have dinner with him?
(a) So he can watch her eat.
(b) To keep him from going to kill the men that wanted to attack Bella.
(c) To talk to Bella.
(d) Because Edwards wants Bella to leave town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Edward say that he shouldn't have driven Bella to school?

2. What ability does Edward explain that Alice has?

3. What had Emmett been dying of?

4. What is Bella relieved to find mention of in the vampire information?

5. What does Bella tell Eric is the reason that she isn't tan?

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