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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Port Angeles.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bella's father say is the reason that Dr. Cullen has chosen to live in a small town like Forks?
(a) They move around a lot and go everywhere.
(b) They had a family member leave them some land.
(c) They wanted to start over with their kids.
(d) His wife wanted to live in a small town.

2. What does Edward tell Bella after she admits she isn't going to quit asking about how he managed to get to her so quickly and stop the van from crushing her?
(a) He doesn't have time to talk.
(b) Everyone will think she is crazy.
(c) She is being childish.
(d) He hopes she enjoyes disappointment.

3. Where does Bella tell Mike she has seen snow before?
(a) Her mom took her to Canada once.
(b) When she was kid visiting her dad.
(c) In her nightmares.
(d) Television.

4. What does Bella ask Edward after he introduces himself in Open Book?
(a) Why he hates her.
(b) What his father is like.
(c) Why he called her Bella rather than Isabella.
(d) How he knew who her father was.

5. What is Bella doing when Edward enters the class in the chapter Open Book?
(a) Checking her phone for text messages.
(b) Doodling on her notebook.
(c) Braiding a piece of her hair.
(d) Setting up the microscope.

Short Answer Questions

1. From where does Jessica say that the Cullens have moved to Forks?

2. What happens as Bella tries to storm out of her Biology class in Invitations?

3. What does Bella tell Edward that she has considered for possibilities to explain him?

4. Why does Bella say that she is wearing her favorite shirt to the airport?

5. What surprises Bella when she first sees the truck her dad bought her?

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