Objects & Places from Twilight

Stephenie Meyer
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Phoenix, Arizona - This is the original home of Bella Swan. Her mother usually lives there but is now traveling with her new husband who is a baseball player. The climax of the novel takes place here when Bella barely escapes with her life trying to evade bad vampires.

Forks - This is the name of the town where Bella moves in order to stay with her dad, so her mother can pursue a new life.

The Red Truck - Bella's father has bought and refurbished this object for Bella.

Forks High School - Bella meets Edward here. Many important events take place here, including a prom date that Bella does not want but Edward supplies.

The Beach - Here Bella is warned by her childhood friend, Jacob Black, to stay away from the Cullens because they are vampires.

The Cullen Home - Bella meets Edward's...

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