Daily Lessons for Teaching Twilight

Stephenie Meyer
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Objective: The book starts off with a Preface. The object of this lesson is to look at the importance of a Preface.

1) Discussion: Have the students look up the word Preface. What is the role of the Preface in literature? In what ways does the Preface in Twilight fit this definition? In what ways does it not? Explain your opinion.
2) Classwork: Have the students pick a piece of past reading. Have the students write a Preface that could be used for the work chosen.
3) Homework: Ask the students to find a piece of literature in which there is a Preface given. How does it compare to the preface in Twilight. What are the differences the authors used to engage the reader with the short Prefaces?
4) Debate: Have the students debate the need for a Preface. Have one group that it can be used in virtually any piece...

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