Twilight Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephenie Meyer
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• Bella knows that her decision to come to Forks has lead to her death but she cannot bring herself to regret this decision.

• Bella feels that dying in the place of someone you love is noble.

First Sight

• Bella gets on a plane to go live with her father in the small town of Forks where it seemingly always rains and is almost never sunny.

• Bella is unhappy to be in Forks but tries not to let her father know how unhappy she is.

• Bella is given an old truck and it is the one thing that brings her any happiness from being in Forks.

• At her fist day at school Bella makes a few friends but sits next a boy, Edward Cullen, in her Biology class who seems to hate her and Bella cries on the way home.

Open Book

• At Bella's second day at school...

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