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Matthew Simmons
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is one technique used in retrieving oil that can impact the amount of oil eventually recovered?

2. The science of oil discovery and production is what?

3. On March 3, 1938, which well began pumping a significant amount of oil?

4. Saudi Arabia, because the oil now is less pure, invests a lot of money in what?

5. With the drop of pressure in key fields, what production is increased in the wells?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Abqaiq, Sanfaniya, and Berri having technological challenges similar to Ghawar?

2. Why are the facts in the SPE papers about Ghawar hard to ignore?

3. What are some common factors of the old oil fields Saudi Arabia is trying to revive?

4. What did the great demand for natural gas lead Saudi Arabia to do?

5. What would credible field production data from Saudi Arabia allow?

6. What is Saudi Arabia doing to search for alternative oil supplies?

7. Why are estimated recovery figures highly inaccurate?

8. What was Abdullah Jumah's response when he was asked to allow independent auditors to review the field production data Saudi Aramco produces?

9. What is not a promising sign at Yerbin Field?

10. What important discovery occurred in 1996?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to the author and the evidence the author presents, how has Saudi Arabia contributed to its own oil problems?

Essay Topic 2

Using examples from the book to support your answer, explain how U.S. foreign policy has affected American oil supplies.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the process of finding and recovering oil. Why is the process of oil recovery important to the author's argument? Cite examples from the book to support your answer.

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