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Matthew Simmons
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 2002, a paper was published, by Saudi experts, that detailed the problems with oil recovery at what Ghawar location?
(a) Hadrah.
(b) 'Ain Dar.
(c) Aramco.
(d) Uthmaniyah.

2. How long is Ghawar?
(a) 156 miles.
(b) 121 miles.
(c) 174 miles.
(d) 182 miles.

3. What is the name of the Saudi Arabian national oil company?
(a) Saudi Oil.
(b) Saudi Texaco.
(c) Saudi Aramco.
(d) Saudi Gas and Petroleum.

4. With OPEC's secrecy regarding oil production levels, what is unclear?
(a) Whether Saudi Arabia will stay the number one oil producer.
(b) Whether OPEC countries can produce oil.
(c) Whether OPEC countries are engaged in price inflation.
(d) Whether Saudi Arabia can continue production at high levels.

5. What title did Ahmed Zaki Yamani hold?
(a) Saudi Arabian oil minister.
(b) Saudi Arabian foriegn minister.
(c) Saudi Arabian economic minister.
(d) Saudi Arabian defense minister.

6. Saudi Arabia called in experts from what major petroleum company to help with Berri's problems?
(a) Shell.
(b) Mobil.
(c) Exxon.
(d) B.P.

7. In what year did Abqaiq start operating?
(a) 1966.
(b) 1986.
(c) 1926.
(d) 1946.

8. Which U.S. President supported the creation of the State of Israel?
(a) Kennedy.
(b) Truman.
(c) Polk.
(d) Johnson.

9. Offshore exploration is banned in the United States except where?
(a) The Gulf of Mexico.
(b) The Atlantic Ocean.
(c) The Pacific Ocean.
(d) The coast of California.

10. At the time of writing this book, Saudi Arabia had produced how many barrels of oil in the past 17 years?
(a) 38 billion.
(b) 34 billion.
(c) 46 billion.
(d) 42 billion.

11. Saudi Arabia, because the oil now is less pure, invests a lot of money in what?
(a) Gas oil purification plants.
(b) Gas oil separation plants.
(c) Gas oil crude plants.
(d) Gas oil technology plants.

12. Simmons uses technical papers written for whom?
(a) The Society of Oil Engineers.
(b) The Society of Gasoline Engineers.
(c) The Society of Petroleum Engineers.
(d) The Society of Energy Engineers.

13. What job does Matthew Simmons hold?
(a) Federal Reserve Chairman.
(b) Oil speculator.
(c) Company CEO.
(d) Investment banker.

14. The oil production in southern Ghawar is what?
(a) Inexpensive and limited.
(b) Inexpensive and extensive.
(c) Expensive and limited.
(d) Expensive and extensive.

15. A Society of Petroleum Engineers paper written in 2004 describes what type of pump project as being successful in reviving several of Abqaiq's dead zones?
(a) Multiphase pump.
(b) Manual seperator pump.
(c) Multiple pump.
(d) Manual injection pump.

Short Answer Questions

1. On March 3, 1938, which well began pumping a significant amount of oil?

2. What is one technique used in retrieving oil that can impact the amount of oil eventually recovered?

3. What type of zones are found in all three of the super-giant reservoirs in Saudi Arabia?

4. How is Abqaiq oil field described by technical experts?

5. What will Saudi Arabia face if the oil production declines?

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