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Matthew Simmons
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In most countries, oil is an abundant and _______ fuel.
(a) Cost-effective.
(b) Inexpensive.
(c) Reliable.
(d) Productive.

2. In the 1930's Oklahoma limited the number of days per month oil companies could operate to protect what?
(a) The state.
(b) The oil workers.
(c) The environment.
(d) Oil prices.

3. A SPE paper says that the best approach to steadily increasing water cuts is to choke back what?
(a) A well's rate of production.
(b) A well's drilling depth.
(c) A well's purification efforts.
(d) A well's drilling speed.

4. What kind of crisis will occur if Saudi Arabian oil production declines sharply?
(a) Global economic crisis.
(b) Global transportation crisis.
(c) Global energy crisis.
(d) Global food shortage.

5. Why does Saudi Arabia try to limit oil production?
(a) To prevent damages from overproduction.
(b) To keep oil prices high.
(c) To keep national control over the oil fields.
(d) To limit the number of Americans in the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which U.S. President supported the creation of the State of Israel?

2. When did Saudi Arabia begin drilling for natural gas not associated with oil?

3. What kind of data surveys are used to help determine where to drill?

4. The author believes that higher oil prices will allow OPEC countries to establish what?

5. Since what year has there been very little data available to verify production levels in Saudi Arabia?

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