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Matthew Simmons
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before drilling begins, a field's production rate and ________ ______ are calculated.
(a) Depreciation curve.
(b) Declining curve.
(c) Depletion curve.
(d) Devolution curve.

2. During which war did the expansion on the Saudi Arabian oil projects stop?
(a) World War I.
(b) Vietnam.
(c) The 20 years war.
(d) World War II.

3. Who insists that Saudi Arabia will continue to be able to meet the demand for oil?
(a) Saudia Arabian government.
(b) Economic researchers.
(c) OPEC.
(d) The United States.

4. The three northern sites of Ghawar represent what total of the field?
(a) 15%.
(b) 10%.
(c) 20%.
(d) 25%.

5. Why did the reports on the production levels for each field end?
(a) They were too expensive.
(b) They were considered security breaches.
(c) No one knows the true reason.
(d) They were not helpful to anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Since when has Ghawar been yielding the bulk of Saudi Arabia's oil supplies?

2. In 2002, a paper was published, by Saudi experts, that detailed the problems with oil recovery at what Ghawar location?

3. Water is a natural part of the ________ process in oil fields.

4. Saudi Arabia, because the oil now is less pure, invests a lot of money in what?

5. On March 3, 1938, which well began pumping a significant amount of oil?

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