Objects & Places from Twilight in the Desert

Matthew Simmons
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Saudi Arabia - This place was established in 1902 and was obscure until oil was discovered there.

Aramco - This was originally called California Arabian Standard Oil Company but changed their name in 1944.

Saudi Aramco - This is Saudi Arabia's government-controlled oil company.

Ghawar - This is Saudi Arabia's, and the world's, most productive oilfield ever.

Berri - This is one of the last giant oilfields discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1964.

Abqaiq - This oilfield was discovered in 1940.

Safaniya - This is Saudi Arabia's second most productive oilfield and the world's largest offshore oilfield.

Kuwait - This is a small oil-producing neighbor of Saudi Arabia.

Neutral Zone - This is an area between two countries where they share equally in the oil produced.

United States - This place became the world's dominant oil producer from 1901 until 1970.

Prudhoe Bay - This place was discovered In 1968 in the Arctic...

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