Daily Lessons for Teaching Twilight in the Desert

Matthew Simmons
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Objective: Chapter 1: This is a non-fiction story, a journalistic account of the decline of oil in Saudi Arabia. Just to refresh the students' minds about a non-fiction story, this lesson plan focuses on the differences between fiction and non-fiction writing and asks the students to use their understanding of the differences in various ways.

1. Have each student brainstorm a list of differences between fiction and non-fiction writing. What does fiction have that non-fiction does not have? Share the lists with the class and compile a class list of the differences.

2. Divide the students into small groups. Tell the small groups that a fiction novel has a plot structure, where a non-fiction novel reports events in (hopefully) an easy to understand and entertaining fashion. Have the small groups, based on what has been presented in the book so far, take the events and make a plot out of...

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