Twenty Years After Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Rochefort escape?

Rochefort is able to escape when his carriage, which is being driven back to the prison, is attacked and overcome by angry peasants in the street.

2. How does d'Artagnan protect Planchet, and why?

d'Artagnan helps to hide and protect Planchet by dressing him up and saying he is the brother of the owner of the hotel that d'Artagnan is staying at. He does this because Planchet is partially responsible for the escape of Rochefort, and is therefore in a lot of trouble.

3. Why are the people so angry with Mazarin?

The people of Paris hate Cardinal Mazarin because he has imposed such high taxes on the people that they are living in poverty and can barely afford to feed themselves and their children.

4. Why can't Rochefort become a guard to Beaufort?

Rochefort says that he cannot become a prison guard to Beaufort because they are good friends; he knows that Beaufort is an enemy to Mazarin, and Rochefort will be his enemy out of loyalty.

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