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Palais Royal

This is the home of Cardinal Marazin, Anne of Austria, and the young king, Louis XIV, in France.


This is a political party formed by the discontents.

The Bastile

This is the prison to which Mazarin sends d'Artagnan to pick up the Comte de Rochefort.

A Small Coffer of Rosewood Set in Silver

It is upon this sacred item that the queen swears to Mazarin that Buckingham was not her lover.

A Superb Diamond

Anne of Austria had given this to d'Artagnan in appreciation for saving her life and honor when he retrieved her jewels from Buckingham.

Chapel of the Virgin

This is the place where d'Artagnan locates Monsieur Bazin, the servant of Aramis.


This is the city where the convent of Jesuits is located where Aramis is living.

De Bracieux

This is the name of Porthos's estate.

Porthos's sighs

These are a sign...

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