Twenty Years After Character Descriptions

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Mordaunt or John Francis de Winter

This character is twenty-three years old but believes he is actually older because of his experiences in life. He hates the four musketeers.


This character has been serving as a lieutenant in the musketeers for twenty years.

Athos Comte de la Fere

This character is in good health and living on a beautiful estate, which surprises his friends owing to his former drinking problem.

Aramis The Abbe D'Herblay

This character is living in a Jesuit convent.

Porthos du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds

This character believes that the only thing that will make him happy will be the addition of the title of baron to his name.

Cardinal Giulio Mazarin

This character is disliked by the people of Paris because he has raised taxes, forcing people to live in poverty.


This character is trying to escape because he has helped...

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