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Chapters 1 - 6

• As the title suggests, this book begins 20 years after the end of the first three musketeers book.

• The people of Paris are in poverty and hate Cardinal Mazarin because of the high taxes he has imposed.

• Mazarin does not fear the people as he is able to manipulate the queen, and he always gets his way.

• Mazarin has d'Artagnan show him around the town so he can get a feel for the people.
• Mazarin asks d'Artagnan to visit Rochefort in prison and ask him a favor. This is a test of his loyalty. Rochefort is an enemy to Mazarin and the queen.

• Rochefort escapes when his carriage is overrun by angry peasants. Planchet is protected by d'Artagnan, who dresses him up as a landlord.

• Mazarin asks d'Artagnan to gather the other 3 musketeers. Mazarin asks the queen about her connections with the musketeers.

• The queen admits that...

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