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Short Answer Questions

1. What repels the savages trying to get inside the Nautilus?

2. After leaving the island, where are they when Aronnax begins to wonder where they are going?

3. What makes Aronnax go get his telescope?

4. What is Ned Land's response to an invitation to explore underwater?

5. Tell what Ned Land and Captain Farragut decide to do to get the monster.

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly detail the problem with the telescope.

2. Mention Aronnax's problem just before the Nautilus clears the surface.

3. Where does Aronnax finally come to?

4. What does the U.S. government invite Aronnax to join?

5. Relate Ned's heightened anxiety after the battle with the giant squid.

6. Describe the tone of the novel as the story begins.

7. Explain the difference Nemo sees in the encounters with the Scotia and the Abraham Lincoln.

8. What does Aronnax observe that explains Nemo's vast wealth?

9. What is Nemo's response to Aronnax's idea they cannot reach the Mediterranean by the next day?

10. What is the unexpected pleasure Nemo gives the three captives near the island of Gilboa?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the effects of being caged on both animals and humans. In your essay refer to caging wild animals in zoos and confining men in prisoner of war camps.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay on the importance of imagination for writing science fiction. Base your essay on the fact that Jules Verne was writing in the 19th century about scientific ideas that have been achieved remarkably similar to his imaginative novels of his day.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on scientific deduction versus practical experience. As a starting point refer to Aronnax's calculations that cause him to conclude the goal they are looking for is probably a large deep sea animal versus Ned Land's practical experience that makes him sure it is not some kind of creature.

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