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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will happen to the sun after the next day?
(a) There will be an eclipse.
(b) It will hug the horizon.
(c) It will disappear for six months.
(d) It will be stationary overhead.

2. Up on the land, what seems to have been its origin?
(a) volcanoes
(b) meteors
(c) landslides
(d) sediment

3. What worries Aronnax about the next day?
(a) The walruses are headed that way.
(b) It is the equinox.
(c) A snowstorm is expected.
(d) They will run out of fuel for fires.

4. After the aborted escape attempt, what does Aronnax tell Land?
(a) where they are going next
(b) that he should try to get along with Nemo
(c) about Captain Nemo's treasures
(d) about how they can escape next time

5. What are the sailors doing to replenish their food supply?
(a) casting fishing nets
(b) going ashore to hunt game
(c) diving for crabs and oysters
(d) bartering with passing fishermen

Short Answer Questions

1. Before the Nautilus breaks free, what happens to Aronnax?

2. How does the Nautilus finally get through?

3. How does Aronnax know they are near caverns that would be perfect for poulps or giant squids?

4. What is Nemo's reaction when Aronnax enters his room?

5. Where does Aronnax hope they are not heading?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difficulty for the Nautilus to rise from under the ice?

2. Write about the man made marvel they observed under the sea.

3. Mention Aronnax's problem just before the Nautilus clears the surface.

4. Relate Ned's heightened anxiety after the battle with the giant squid.

5. What is Nemo's behavior after he watches the destruction of the gunship?

6. What happens when Nemo sees Land trying to signal an approaching ship?

7. Mention briefly the problem as the Nautilus leaves the South Pole.

8. Describe Aronnax's concern about making it to the Pole on time.

9. When the Nautilus gets stuck in the Great Ice Barrier, how do Aronnax and Nemo see things differently?

10. Relate the dire prediction Nemo makes as a worst case scenario when they are stuck under the ice.

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