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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What man-made objects do they pass over off of Newfoundland?
(a) sunken ships
(b) telegraph cables
(c) garbage dumps
(d) lost anchors

2. What idea does Captain Nemo come up with to clear the ice?
(a) using boiling water
(b) using electric charges
(c) using explosives
(d) using salt

3. What are the sailors doing to replenish their food supply?
(a) going ashore to hunt game
(b) casting fishing nets
(c) diving for crabs and oysters
(d) bartering with passing fishermen

4. What does Nemo decide to do as they avoid the whaling ship?
(a) see if he can travel directly under the ship
(b) see how long they can stay submerged
(c) see how far they can submerge
(d) see how long the ship will keep looking for them

5. How deep does the Nautilus have to descend to get away from the hurricane?
(a) nearly 800 fathoms
(b) only eight fathoms
(c) more than twenty-five fathoms
(d) about 150 fathoms

Short Answer Questions

1. After the destruction of the gun ship, which way is the Nautilus traveling?

2. How does Nemo avoid contact with a whaling ship that follows the Nautilus?

3. What was the name if the Marseillais changed to?

4. What causes Nemo to break down after the gun ship is sunk?

5. Heading into the Antarctic sea, what do they see?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the light reflecting off the ice as seen from inside the Nautilus and the problem it creates.

2. When the Nautilus gets stuck in the Great Ice Barrier, how do Aronnax and Nemo see things differently?

3. Describe Aronnax's concern about making it to the Pole on time.

4. Explain the attitude of the three prisoners after the South Pole visit.

5. How does Nemo react when Aronnax comments that the treasure they find is not used for a noble purpose?

6. What happens when Nemo sees Land trying to signal an approaching ship?

7. What goes on while Ned, Conseil, and Aronnax are escaping in the small boat?

8. Mention briefly the problem as the Nautilus leaves the South Pole.

9. What is it that Aronnax sees by the red glow of an underwater volcano?

10. Relate the dire prediction Nemo makes as a worst case scenario when they are stuck under the ice.

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