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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conseil politely ask Aronnax in the water?
(a) if he knows how to tread water
(b) if he has any last wishes
(c) if he can see any other survivors
(d) if he can cut away his clothes

2. How does Nemo describe himself to Aronnax, Conseil, and Land?
(a) as a great inventor and benefactor of lost sailors
(b) as a man who has broken all ties that bound him to humankind
(c) as a man who has been longing for English speaking company
(d) as a man on a mission to save the whales

3. What does Aronnax conclude the minute he gets his invitation from Hobson?
(a) He believes that nothing will be gained by the expedition.
(b) He concludes that it will be too dangerous.
(c) He thinks the invitation is a hoax.
(d) Aronnax decides his purpose in life must be to hunt down this monster.

4. After speaking with Nemo the morning after the underwater walk, how long is Nemo absent?
(a) for a fortnight
(b) for weeks
(c) for two days
(d) for nine hours

5. How does Nemo propose to get them from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean?
(a) by making the Nautilus fly
(b) by going through the Suez Canal
(c) through what he calls it the Arabian Tunnel
(d) by going around the southern tip of Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the three men do on the island?

2. What animal does Ned harpoon along the Arabian coast?

3. What does Conseil believe about the outcome of the trip?

4. What do they see off the coast of Ceylon?

5. What happens to the three prisoners after the incident with the telescope?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what bothers Ned Land in December.

2. What is the unexpected pleasure Nemo gives the three captives near the island of Gilboa?

3. Tell about the first thing Captain Nemo allows Aronnax to see on the Nautilus.

4. What does the U.S. government invite Aronnax to join?

5. Describe the men's first view of the undersea world.

6. Why is Aronnax concerned about the savages and what does Nemo do about it?

7. Explain the different opinions Conseil and Aronnax have about Nemo.

8. How does Captain Nemo explain the electricity on the Nautilus?

9. What happens in the pearl fishing grounds of the Indian Ocean?

10. Describe the amusing fowl they see on the island of Gilboa.

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