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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aronnax notice when Nemo says the name, Avenger?
(a) the anger in his voice
(b) the glee in his voice
(c) the sadness in his voice
(d) the emptiness in his voice

2. What invitation does Nemo extend to Aronnax?
(a) to have brandy and a cigar
(b) to explore the sea at night
(c) to join him for dinner
(d) to read his private journals

3. What ominous words does Aronnax hear Nemo say?
(a) Let them eat cake!
(b) Again and again!
(c) I'll get them all!
(d) Almighty God, enough! Enough!

4. What tragedy occurs before they defeat the giant squid?
(a) The Nautilus springs a leak.
(b) The viewing glass breaks so they have to close the panels.
(c) They lose a crew member to the squid.
(d) Ned Land loses his throwing arm.

5. What hunch does Aronnax have that the sailors on the Nautilus are?
(a) Slaves who are owned by Nemo.
(b) People who owe money to Nemo.
(c) People who are deathly afraid of Nemo.
(d) People who have renounced every tie that binds them to earth.

6. How deep does the Nautilus have to descend to get away from the hurricane?
(a) only eight fathoms
(b) about 150 fathoms
(c) nearly 800 fathoms
(d) more than twenty-five fathoms

7. What do the kelp and marine life create in the water of the Sargasso?
(a) a poisonous environment
(b) a mysterious seascape
(c) a strange color
(d) a danger to the Nautilus

8. What is the condition of the Nautilus after it is hit by the ice block?
(a) It is losing its reserve air.
(b) It is upside down.
(c) It is on it side.
(d) It is taking on water.

9. What prevents the three prisoners from escaping this time?
(a) A terrible storm arises.
(b) The Nautilus goes to the bottom of the sea.
(c) Nemo locks down the exit.
(d) Nemo comes to visit.

10. What prevents an escape to American shores?
(a) The weather does not cooperate.
(b) The small boat was destroyed in the squid battle.
(c) The Nautilus does not rise for a week.
(d) Nemo stands guard on the platform.

11. What does Aronnax consider doing as they head out into the Atlantic?
(a) re-writing all his notes
(b) sabotaging the Nautilus engines
(c) taking Nemo hostage
(d) simply asking Captain Nemo for his freedom

12. What does Nemo object to?
(a) killing for the sheer joy of destruction
(b) killing baby animals
(c) killing endangered species
(d) killing without giving the animals a fighting chance

13. Why are Conseil, Ned Land, and Aronnax up on the platform?
(a) The are looking to see what happened.
(b) They are cooling off.
(c) They are looking for an escape.
(d) They are drinking in air.

14. How do the sailors on board the Nautilus appear to be?
(a) overjoyed at the race
(b) just as vengeful as Captain Nemo
(c) uncertain what to do
(d) nervous

15. What does it appear Nemo is looking for?
(a) a good place to surface
(b) a place to refuel the Nautilus
(c) a certain spot in the ocean
(d) another giant squid

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Nautilus finally get through?

2. What will happen to the sun after the next day?

3. What does Aronnax observe as they move past Gibraltar?

4. What is Nemo's reaction when Aronnax enters his room?

5. Where does the Nautilus pass the Antarctic circle?

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