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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What alarm do they hear being shouted by the crew?
(a) fire!
(b) ice berg!
(c) man overboard!
(d) maelstrom!

2. How does Aronnax know they are near caverns that would be perfect for poulps or giant squids?
(a) by the color of the water
(b) by the movement of the seaweed
(c) by the aches in his joints
(d) by the temperature outside the Nautilus

3. What is the condition of the Nautilus after it is hit by the ice block?
(a) It is on it side.
(b) It is taking on water.
(c) It is upside down.
(d) It is losing its reserve air.

4. What does Aronnax notice when Nemo says the name, Avenger?
(a) the anger in his voice
(b) the glee in his voice
(c) the sadness in his voice
(d) the emptiness in his voice

5. Where does the Nautilus pass the Antarctic circle?
(a) toward New Zealand
(b) toward Brazil
(c) toward the mid Atlantic
(d) toward Cape Horn

6. How long have they been prisoners?
(a) for a year
(b) for eleven months
(c) for six months
(d) for two years

7. Where does Aronnax hope they are not heading?
(a) to the South Pole
(b) to the Bermuda Triangle
(c) to the straits of Magellan
(d) to the North Pole

8. How does Nemo avoid contact with a whaling ship that follows the Nautilus?
(a) by submerging
(b) by outrunning it
(c) by destroying it
(d) by firing a warning shot

9. Besides Nemo, who else has become mentally unstable after the destruction of the gun ship?
(a) Ned Land
(b) Aronnax
(c) Conseil
(d) the entire crew

10. How deep does the Nautilus have to descend to get away from the hurricane?
(a) only eight fathoms
(b) nearly 800 fathoms
(c) about 150 fathoms
(d) more than twenty-five fathoms

11. What does Nemo say when he finds what he is looking for?
(a) It is here.
(b) I should have known.
(c) It has moved.
(d) There she blows.

12. How does Nemo claim the South Pole as his?
(a) He paints a notice on a large rock.
(b) He unfurls a black banner with a big "N" on it.
(c) He builds a monument of rocks.
(d) He writes his name with black rocks.

13. What does Nemo decide to do as they avoid the whaling ship?
(a) see how long they can stay submerged
(b) see how far they can submerge
(c) see if he can travel directly under the ship
(d) see how long the ship will keep looking for them

14. What does Ned say he will do if the distant ship comes near the Nautilus?
(a) He will light a flare.
(b) He will set the Nautilus on fire.
(c) He will wave his handkerchief.
(d) He will jump ship.

15. Up on the land, what seems to have been its origin?
(a) landslides
(b) sediment
(c) volcanoes
(d) meteors

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nemo say he makes an exception about the cachalots?

2. How does Nemo attempt to free the Nautilus?

3. What causes Ned Land great despair?

4. As the Nautilus rounds Gibraltar, how far does Aronnax say they have traveled?

5. What awakens Aronnax at three in the morning?

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