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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned?
(a) in Ireland
(b) in Iceland
(c) in Spain
(d) in Norway

2. Soon after their conversation, what do they see in the water?
(a) a huge cloud of squid ink
(b) a squid six feet long
(c) a giant cuttlefish, at least eight yards long
(d) a cuttlefish killing a shark

3. What are the plans that night for Ned, Conseil, and Aronnax?
(a) escape or die
(b) assassinate Nemo
(c) take Nemo hostage
(d) bribe the crew

4. What does Ned ask Captain Nemo?
(a) permission to go below
(b) permission to go ashore
(c) permission to shoot some whales
(d) permission to steer the Nautilus

5. What does Nemo decide to do as they avoid the whaling ship?
(a) see how far they can submerge
(b) see if he can travel directly under the ship
(c) see how long the ship will keep looking for them
(d) see how long they can stay submerged

6. What do sailors take from a dead whale?
(a) blubber
(b) skin
(c) milk
(d) blood

7. What hunch does Aronnax have that the sailors on the Nautilus are?
(a) People who are deathly afraid of Nemo.
(b) People who have renounced every tie that binds them to earth.
(c) Slaves who are owned by Nemo.
(d) People who owe money to Nemo.

8. Heading into the Antarctic sea, what do they see?
(a) icebergs
(b) melting ice
(c) huge waves of icy water
(d) dying seals

9. What does Aronnax wonder about Nemo's manuscript?
(a) If Nemo had finished it.
(b) If it is in the Sargasso Sea.
(c) If it got put into the water tight container.
(d) If it will ever be discovered.

10. How does Nemo claim the South Pole as his?
(a) He paints a notice on a large rock.
(b) He unfurls a black banner with a big "N" on it.
(c) He writes his name with black rocks.
(d) He builds a monument of rocks.

11. Although the inactive volcano offers no means of escape, what does Ned Land find that cheers him up?
(a) diamonds as big as his fist
(b) bees making honey
(c) a stash of rum left by pirates
(d) large birds to kill and take back to the Nautilus

12. After the destruction of the gun ship, which way is the Nautilus traveling?
(a) west toward America
(b) north in the Atlantic
(c) east toward England
(d) south toward Bermuda

13. What invitation does Nemo extend to Aronnax?
(a) to explore the sea at night
(b) to read his private journals
(c) to have brandy and a cigar
(d) to join him for dinner

14. What happens to save the life of Aronnax?
(a) They put him into a diving suit and give him air.
(b) The Nautilus breaks through at the last minute.
(c) Ned and Conseil sacrifice some of their air.
(d) Nemo releases the emergency air.

15. Where do they get manatees and turtles?
(a) from passing fishing boats
(b) in the Caribbean
(c) out in the high seas
(d) near the Amazon

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aronnax consider doing as they head out into the Atlantic?

2. How does Nemo attempt to free the Nautilus?

3. What does Nemo say the lake is to him?

4. What is Nemo's prognosis if they cannot escape the ice tunnel?

5. Why are Conseil, Ned Land, and Aronnax up on the platform?

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