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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Conseil when he touches a ray?
(a) He dies and agonizing death.
(b) He is paralyzed for a time.
(c) He is flipped overboard.
(d) He loses the use of his right arm.

2. How does Aronnax know they are near caverns that would be perfect for poulps or giant squids?
(a) by the movement of the seaweed
(b) by the color of the water
(c) by the temperature outside the Nautilus
(d) by the aches in his joints

3. How do they try to get through the ice?
(a) by putting on diving suits and looking for weak places in the ice
(b) by breaking the ice with sound waves
(c) by using flame throwers on the ice
(d) by putting on diving suits and trying to chip the ice away

4. How do the sailors on board the Nautilus appear to be?
(a) overjoyed at the race
(b) uncertain what to do
(c) just as vengeful as Captain Nemo
(d) nervous

5. What does Aronnax consider doing as they head out into the Atlantic?
(a) re-writing all his notes
(b) sabotaging the Nautilus engines
(c) simply asking Captain Nemo for his freedom
(d) taking Nemo hostage

6. What alarm do they hear being shouted by the crew?
(a) man overboard!
(b) ice berg!
(c) maelstrom!
(d) fire!

7. What causes Nemo to break down after the gun ship is sunk?
(a) a picture of his wife and children
(b) the destruction of a beautiful ship
(c) the long hours he has been awake
(d) the bodies of sailors

8. What does Nemo say he intends to do?
(a) to submerge and hide the Nautilus
(b) to race the foreign ship
(c) to attack the foreign ship
(d) to spy on the foreign ship

9. How close to the South Pole does Nemo say he will get with his chronometer?
(a) within 100 yards of the Pole
(b) within a mile
(c) within a foot
(d) within a 100 feet

10. What was the name if the Marseillais changed to?
(a) the Wayfarer
(b) the Challenger
(c) the Avenger.
(d) the Intrepid

11. How deep does the Nautilus have to descend to get away from the hurricane?
(a) more than twenty-five fathoms
(b) only eight fathoms
(c) about 150 fathoms
(d) nearly 800 fathoms

12. How long have they been prisoners?
(a) for two years
(b) for a year
(c) for six months
(d) for eleven months

13. What is Nemo's reaction when Aronnax enters his room?
(a) very annoyed
(b) uncomfortable
(c) startled
(d) happy to see him

14. Where does it appear that Nemo is heading?
(a) toward France
(b) toward England
(c) toward Iceland
(d) toward Morocco

15. What is Aronnax's prayer if Nemo is still alive?
(a) that his hatred has lessened
(b) that he dies soon
(c) that they never meet again
(d) that he is marooned on a desert island

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aronnax regret trying to escape from Nemo?

2. What is Nemo's prognosis if they cannot escape the ice tunnel?

3. Before the Nautilus breaks free, what happens to Aronnax?

4. What causes Ned Land great despair?

5. What does Aronnax wonder about Nemo's manuscript?

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