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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When they get tired underwater, what do they do?
(a) Breathe in extra oxygen.
(b) Stop and sit on giant oyster shells.
(c) They take a long nap.
(d) Return immediately to the Nautilus.

2. What artifact does Nemo show Aronnax that he had recovered from the sea?
(a) a box of Byzantine jewelry
(b) a statue of the virgin Mary
(c) a marble inscription from Atlantis
(d) a tin box with papers of Commander La Perouse

3. Why does Aronnax have trouble falling asleep after the rescue?
(a) He cannot sleep with the lights on.
(b) He has too many troubling thoughts.
(c) He has cramps from being in the cold water.
(d) He always suffers from insomnia.

4. What do the three men do on the island?
(a) collect fruits and vegetables to take back with them
(b) wash their clothes in a waterfall
(c) lie in the sun on the beach
(d) throw rocks at monkeys

5. What does Nemo say do not exist in his undersea world?
(a) unjust laws or wars
(b) hunger or cold
(c) money or banks
(d) women or children

6. What does Conseil believe about the outcome of the trip?
(a) that when they get back to France, everyone will laugh at them
(b) that the monster will find them and sink the ship
(c) that Aronnax will sign on for another trip
(d) that he will die trying to save the life of his master

7. Looking through the glass port, what does Ned Land have to admit about the view of the ocean?
(a) the view is uninteresting
(b) the view is wonderful
(c) the view is polluted
(d) the view is frightening

8. What does Ned take Aronnax to view outside the Nautilus one morning?
(a) giant squid trying to get inside the Nautilus
(b) men outside mining diamonds
(c) whales playing around the Nautilus
(d) corpses, some still fresh and even one of a woman

9. Why is the frigate unable to catch the monster?
(a) It keeps going around in circles.
(b) It swims agilely at a speed of perhaps thirty miles per hour.
(c) It makes sharper turns than the ship can make.
(d) It submerges often and comes up in back of the ship.

10. What is the first strange thing Aronnax observes about Nemo's behavior.
(a) He goes missing for two days.
(b) He appears to be highly superstitious.
(c) He sometimes talks gibberish.
(d) He talks to himself out loud.

11. Tell what Ned Land and Captain Farragut decide to do to get the monster.
(a) to drop raw meat into the ocean
(b) to put out in a small boat
(c) to go for the monster with harpoons from the frigate itself
(d) to try to ram it with the bow of the frigate

12. What does Aronnax find in the pearl grotto?
(a) a pearl the size of a coconut
(b) the body of a drowned pearl diver
(c) a school of sharks waiting for him
(d) a treasure map left by pirates

13. What repels the savages trying to get inside the Nautilus?
(a) a battering ram
(b) a loud noise
(c) a burst of hot water
(d) a bolt of electricity

14. What does Aronnax fear about the heavy air in the room where they are?
(a) The walls are closing in.
(b) The people are trying to kill them.
(c) The room is filling up with water.
(d) The oxygen in the room has been depleted.

15. Where was the Nautilus assembled?
(a) workshops on desert islands in the ocean
(b) in the Bermuda Triangle
(c) a warehouse in the south of France
(d) off the coast of Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. What do they observe coming from the Ganges River?

2. Why does Aronnax rule out the possibility of an individual creating the monster?

3. After Ceylon, where do they travel?

4. In what year do reports start circulating about the strange creature in the ocean?

5. What are the strange words a man says to Aronnax on the platform?

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