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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ned Land say he does not feel?
(a) sure that they will escape
(b) certain they know where they are
(c) happy that he has to work too hard
(d) safe on this scrap heap of metal

2. What does Aronnax conclude the minute he gets his invitation from Hobson?
(a) He concludes that it will be too dangerous.
(b) He thinks the invitation is a hoax.
(c) Aronnax decides his purpose in life must be to hunt down this monster.
(d) He believes that nothing will be gained by the expedition.

3. What does Aronnax say he sees traveling in the Nautilus?
(a) many telegraph cables
(b) many changes in the ocean currents
(c) many other shipwrecks
(d) many drowned land birds

4. What is Ned Land's response to an invitation to explore underwater?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He jumps at the chance.
(c) He refuses.
(d) He agrees to go reluctantly.

5. What is Captain Nemo conducting in the Indian Ocean?
(a) a conference on underwater safety
(b) an experiment on turning lead into gold
(c) an orientation trip through the Nautilus
(d) experiments on the temperature of the sea

6. What is professor Aronnax's conclusion about what the sightings are?
(a) a volcanic eruption under the sea
(b) a man-made object
(c) a marine animal of enormous power
(d) an optical illusion

7. How long do Conseil and Ned think they have been asleep when they finally wake up?
(a) for a week
(b) for a few minutes
(c) for one full day
(d) for a few hours

8. How does Land react to the steward who comes into the room after he wakes up?
(a) Land is grateful to see a human face.
(b) Land is relieved to see another Canadian.
(c) Land is so angry he jumps him and starts to strangle him.
(d) Land smiles and asks a lot of questions.

9. What do they see off the coast of Ceylon?
(a) the pearl fisheries there
(b) underwater caves
(c) swimming elephants
(d) herds of sea horses

10. As they enter the Red Sea, what does Aronnax find?
(a) the lost continent of Atlantis
(b) the lost Red Sea scrolls
(c) the lost city of Mocha
(d) the lost tablets of stone

11. Why is the frigate unable to catch the monster?
(a) It submerges often and comes up in back of the ship.
(b) It swims agilely at a speed of perhaps thirty miles per hour.
(c) It makes sharper turns than the ship can make.
(d) It keeps going around in circles.

12. Why does Nemo take Aronnax to the sailors' quarters to see if he can do anything?
(a) A man has been fatally wounded.
(b) Some of the men have scurvy.
(c) Two men are coughing up blood.
(d) A man has been stung by a manta ray.

13. In what year do reports start circulating about the strange creature in the ocean?
(a) 1792
(b) 1850
(c) 1866
(d) 1900

14. Why is the large bird staggering around after eating the nutmeg?
(a) It is sick from eating the nutmeg.
(b) It is too drunk to fly.
(c) It got it's wing caught in a bush.
(d) It ate too much to fly.

15. What do the men enjoy for lunch on the island?
(a) a fox and a crow
(b) a pigeon and woodcock
(c) a fruit bat and a hare
(d) a partridge and a squirrel

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Aronnax's reply when Land asks if he would leave if Nemo gave them permission?

2. What is the offer Captain Farragut makes as they search for the monster?

3. What does Aronnax explain to Ned and Conseil about pearls?

4. What does Aronnax observe the sailors doing the morning after the underwater walk?

5. Through what do they pass to get outside the submerged Nautilus?

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