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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening when the Nautilus prepares to leave the South Pole?
(a) The snow is eliminating visibility.
(b) The sea is starting to freeze
(c) The walruses are mating.
(d) The ice is getting deeper.

2. What is Sargasso?
(a) a Spanish word for sea kelp
(b) a special Spanish dish
(c) a Spanish word meaning danger
(d) a Spanish dance

3. How does Nemo classify what caused the condition of the Nautilus?
(a) as a human error
(b) as a total disaster
(c) as a normal occurrance
(d) as an accident of nature

4. What was the name if the Marseillais changed to?
(a) the Avenger.
(b) the Intrepid
(c) the Wayfarer
(d) the Challenger

5. What does Aronnax see in the glade of coral at the coral kingdom?
(a) a coral mine
(b) a new species of eel
(c) a strange coral cross
(d) a coral eating crab

Short Answer Questions

1. What mysterious spot does Aronnax see near an underwater volcano?

2. Up on the land, what seems to have been its origin?

3. What do they see off the coast of Ceylon?

4. What does Nemo decide to do as they avoid the whaling ship?

5. If there are 3,000 feet of ice beneath the water line, how much ice is above the line?

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