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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tell what Ned Land and Captain Farragut decide to do to get the monster.
(a) to try to ram it with the bow of the frigate
(b) to drop raw meat into the ocean
(c) to go for the monster with harpoons from the frigate itself
(d) to put out in a small boat

2. What makes Aronnax go get his telescope?
(a) Aronnax thinks he sees a pod of whales in the distance.
(b) Nemo and a lieutenant are looking at something he cannot see.
(c) Nemo is using his and Aronnax does not want to bother him.
(d) He wants to see if there are any islands nearby.

3. What are the strange words a man says to Aronnax on the platform?
(a) Lorsom novo barter est
(b) Nautron batron varni lurch
(c) Bibbity bobbity boo
(d) Nautron respoc lorni virch

4. Why is the frigate unable to catch the monster?
(a) It submerges often and comes up in back of the ship.
(b) It makes sharper turns than the ship can make.
(c) It swims agilely at a speed of perhaps thirty miles per hour.
(d) It keeps going around in circles.

5. What do they see at the pearl grotto?
(a) a disoriented whale
(b) a fishing net being lowered
(c) a chest filled with pearls
(d) a shark attacking a diver

Short Answer Questions

1. How do they try to get through the ice?

2. How does Nemo classify what caused the condition of the Nautilus?

3. What does Nemo say the lake is to him?

4. Why are Conseil, Ned Land, and Aronnax up on the platform?

5. What does Nemo show Aronnax in his own quarters?

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