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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do Conseil and Ned think they have been asleep when they finally wake up?
(a) for a few hours
(b) for one full day
(c) for a few minutes
(d) for a week

2. What does Conseil politely ask Aronnax in the water?
(a) if he knows how to tread water
(b) if he has any last wishes
(c) if he can see any other survivors
(d) if he can cut away his clothes

3. Why does Aronnax rule out the possibility of an individual creating the monster?
(a) It cannot be something mechanical.
(b) The thing would cost too much for a private party to make.
(c) There is no precedent for such a machine.
(d) One individual could not control something that large.

4. What does Nemo say do not exist in his undersea world?
(a) money or banks
(b) hunger or cold
(c) unjust laws or wars
(d) women or children

5. How does Land react to the steward who comes into the room after he wakes up?
(a) Land is grateful to see a human face.
(b) Land is relieved to see another Canadian.
(c) Land is so angry he jumps him and starts to strangle him.
(d) Land smiles and asks a lot of questions.

Short Answer Questions

1. If there are 3,000 feet of ice beneath the water line, how much ice is above the line?

2. What is Ned Land looking forward to at the oyster beds?

3. What do they observe coming from the Ganges River?

4. What is Captain Nemo conducting in the Indian Ocean?

5. What is Aronnax's reply when Land asks if he would leave if Nemo gave them permission?

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