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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 1 | Part 2 Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After speaking with Nemo the morning after the underwater walk, how long is Nemo absent?
(a) for nine hours
(b) for two days
(c) for a fortnight
(d) for weeks

2. Looking through the glass port, what does Ned Land have to admit about the view of the ocean?
(a) the view is wonderful
(b) the view is frightening
(c) the view is polluted
(d) the view is uninteresting

3. How does Land react to the steward who comes into the room after he wakes up?
(a) Land is grateful to see a human face.
(b) Land is relieved to see another Canadian.
(c) Land is so angry he jumps him and starts to strangle him.
(d) Land smiles and asks a lot of questions.

4. How does Nemo describe himself to Aronnax, Conseil, and Land?
(a) as a man who has broken all ties that bound him to humankind
(b) as a man who has been longing for English speaking company
(c) as a man on a mission to save the whales
(d) as a great inventor and benefactor of lost sailors

5. What is the shape of the Nautilus?
(a) like a cylinder with conical ends
(b) like a train
(c) like a box
(d) like a saucer

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Ned Land gets close enough to throw his harpoon?

2. What does Aronnax observe the sailors doing the morning after the underwater walk?

3. Why does Aronnax rule out the possibility of an individual creating the monster?

4. What does Conseil think Captain Nemo is?

5. How long do Conseil and Ned think they have been asleep when they finally wake up?

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