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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the Nautilus assembled?
(a) in the Bermuda Triangle
(b) workshops on desert islands in the ocean
(c) a warehouse in the south of France
(d) off the coast of Africa

2. How does Nemo propose to get them from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean?
(a) by going through the Suez Canal
(b) through what he calls it the Arabian Tunnel
(c) by making the Nautilus fly
(d) by going around the southern tip of Africa

3. How does Nemo classify what caused the condition of the Nautilus?
(a) as a total disaster
(b) as an accident of nature
(c) as a normal occurrance
(d) as a human error

4. What artifact does Nemo show Aronnax that he had recovered from the sea?
(a) a statue of the virgin Mary
(b) a tin box with papers of Commander La Perouse
(c) a box of Byzantine jewelry
(d) a marble inscription from Atlantis

5. What invitation does Nemo extend to Aronnax?
(a) to have brandy and a cigar
(b) to explore the sea at night
(c) to read his private journals
(d) to join him for dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. What mysterious spot does Aronnax see near an underwater volcano?

2. What does Ned do as the shark is about to kill Captain Nemo?

3. What makes Aronnax go get his telescope?

4. What does Ned Land plan once they are in the Mediterranean?

5. What does Aronnax see in the glade of coral at the coral kingdom?

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