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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aronnax conclude the minute he gets his invitation from Hobson?
(a) He thinks the invitation is a hoax.
(b) He believes that nothing will be gained by the expedition.
(c) He concludes that it will be too dangerous.
(d) Aronnax decides his purpose in life must be to hunt down this monster.

2. Although the inactive volcano offers no means of escape, what does Ned Land find that cheers him up?
(a) a stash of rum left by pirates
(b) large birds to kill and take back to the Nautilus
(c) diamonds as big as his fist
(d) bees making honey

3. What hunch does Aronnax have that the sailors on the Nautilus are?
(a) People who are deathly afraid of Nemo.
(b) Slaves who are owned by Nemo.
(c) People who have renounced every tie that binds them to earth.
(d) People who owe money to Nemo.

4. Taken aboard the mysterious craft, who does Aronnax think they have been saved by?
(a) pirates
(b) a whale that swallowed them
(c) people from Atlantis
(d) the U. S. Navy

5. What is the condition of the Nautilus after it is hit by the ice block?
(a) It is taking on water.
(b) It is upside down.
(c) It is losing its reserve air.
(d) It is on it side.

Short Answer Questions

1. Looking through the glass port, what does Ned Land have to admit about the view of the ocean?

2. What makes Aronnax go get his telescope?

3. How does Nemo describe himself to Aronnax, Conseil, and Land?

4. What invitation does Nemo extend to Aronnax?

5. What does Aronnax see in the glade of coral at the coral kingdom?

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