Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Captain Nemo - A man so hurt by life that he has retreated into a world of his own making and one that he can totally control.

Pierre Aronnax - A professor of biology and the natural sciences, he is about forty-years-old and a true scientist and intellectual.

Ned Land - He is the man of action, a person most comfortable doing rather than thinking who relishes his life and physical pleasures like the eating of meat and the feel of sea air.

Conseil - A Flemish man about thirty-years-old who has been Aronnax's servant for the past ten years.

Captain Farragut - Captain of the Abraham Lincoln, the American frigate commissioned to search and destroy the sea monster that has been attacking ships.

Nicholas Pesca of Cape Matapan - A diver known to Captain Nemo who may or may not be the person who sells Captain...

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