Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1 Chapter 1 | Part 1 Chapter 2

• Background sightings and collisions with a mysterious ocean going object that is assumed to be a giant deep ocean creature.

• Over 3,000 ships are wrecked in 1867 and public outcry calls for finding the creature and destroying it.

• Pierre Aronnax, an assistant professor of the Museum of Natural History in Paris, reasons that it is either a sea monster or a man-made vessel.

• Commander Farragut is commissioned to sail a large frigate named the Abraham Lincoln to look for and destroy the monster and Aronnax receives an invitation to join the expedition.

Part 1 Chapter 3 | Part 1 Chapter 4

• Aronnax and his faithful Flemish servant, Conseil, board the Abraham Lincoln which is built for speed; Conseil is not fully aware of the dangers he might be facing.

• Aronnax is impulsive when he joins the Abraham Lincoln, even indulges in mystical thinking that the expedition is God's will for his...

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