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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was an unlikely slave driver who actually was one?

2. What was the reason behind Avery hiring Solomon to help him build a house for Epps?

3. Who had Solomon been thinking about right before the carriage went by on its way to the main house of the Epps Plantation?

4. What type of support did Bass contribute toward Solomon's quest for freedom?

5. How could Bass' efforts to help Solomon regain his freedom be described?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the some of the slaves change their appearance at Christmastime in Chapter 15 of the book?

2. In Chapter 16 of the book, how did Solomon lead Epps to believe that he was making the slaves work hard in the cotton field?

3. In Chapter 13 of the story, how did Epps show little concern if any when Solomon fell ill?

4. In Chapter 11 of the book, what did Solomon appreciate about the time that he spent at the Ford Plantation following his trek through the Great Pacoudrie Swamp?

5. Why was Samuel Bass so well-liked in and around Bayou Bœuf in Chapter 19 of the book?

6. In Chapter 20 of the book, how did Samuel Bass manage to carry out his effort to help Solomon regain his freedom despite Epps' presence?

7. What could cause trouble for the slaves weighing the cotton that they had picked at the plantation run by Epps in Chapter 13 of the book?

8. In Chapter 15 of the book, how did the slaves in Bayou Bœuf change at Christmastime?

9. In Chapter 12 of the story, why was the day following a night of Epps drinking especially hard on the slaves?

10. How did Samuel Bass show others that he was against slavery in Chapter 19 of the book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Instead of treating them with the dignity and respect that human beings deserved, the slave dealers in the book treated the slaves whom they intended to sell at various slave pens, quite similar to the way that ordinary shopkeepers treated the merchandise that they intended to sell in their stores.

What were some of the similarities that the slave dealers shared with shopkeepers as they prepared to conduct their respective sales? Were there any similarities between the slave dealers and shopkeepers as they conducted their respective sales? If there were, please describe them. How did the slaves feel about themselves in relation to the sales-related actions that the slave dealers would take as they went about conducting their business?

Essay Topic 2

As Author Northrup told his story, he introduced plantation owners and their wives. First, there was William Ford, and his wife, Mistress Ford. Then there was Edwin Epps and his wife, Mistress Epps.

Compare and contrast the demeanor and behavior of Mistress Ford and Mistress Epps. Was it possible that the demeanor and behavior of their respective husbands toward the slaves had anything to do with the ladies' demeanor and behavior toward the slaves as well?

Discuss the interaction between Solomon and Mistress Ford, as well as Mistress Epps and Patsey. Was there a similarity or difference in the manner that they interacted with one another that perhaps influenced by the manner in which their respective husbands treated those particular slaves? If yes, explain. If no, why not?

Essay Topic 3

As Solomon told his life story as well as that of Eliza’s, it became evident that their lives paralleled prior to being cast into the throes of slavery, as well as in the manner that they were cast into slavery, along with the changes that they experienced in their lives while in slavery.

In what ways were the lives of Solomon and Eliza alike prior to slavery? What similarities existed in relation to the means that were used to cast them both into slavery? What similarities existed with regard to the changes that they experienced while living in slavery?

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