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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Tibeats not attack Ford when Ford confronted him about his mistreatment of Solomon?

2. How did Radburn treat Solomon following the beating by Burch?

3. What one element stood out when Tibeats set about to punish Solomon?

4. How were Solomon and Arthur (the slave who boards the Orleans in Norfolk) fundamentally alike?

5. Aside from Bibles, what did William Ford provide his slaves that other slave owners seemed to overlook or not consider to provide them with at all?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 6 of the book, what did Freeman's customers do to examine his merchandise before making a purchase?

2. In Chapter 7 of the book, how was Solomon rewarded after his lumber-transporting efforts prove to be successful in getting William Ford's lumber to its destination a lot faster?

3. In Chapter 6 of the book, what type of slave did Freeman's customers want to buy?

4. In Chapter 7 of the book, what set William Ford apart from the way that other slave owners treated their slaves?

5. In Chapter 2 of the book, why did Solomon decide to leave Saratoga Springs and head for New York?

6. In Chapter 1 of his book, how was Author Solomon Northrup able to depict his early years in life as normal?

7. In Chapter 7 of the book, how was Solomon's new master, John M. Tibeats different from William Ford?

8. In Chapter 5 of the story, how could Englishman John Manning be described in relation to Solomon?

9. How was the slaves' departure from Washington City carried out in Chapter 4 of the book?

10. In Chapter 6 of the book, how did slave dealer Theoplilus Freeman treat the slaves whom he owned?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bayou Bœuf slave owner, William Ford was in the business of selling lumber; and Edwin Epps was in the business of selling cotton.

Explain: Between both men, who was richer? Ford? Or Epps? What made one richer than the other? The type of business that they were in? The way that they treated their help? Was one better at negotiating price than the other? Did religion play any part in one being richer than the other? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

At the age of 33, Solomon's name was changed to "Platt" by slave trader, Theophilus Freeman. It was an unwanted name that Solomon was forced to keep during the twelve years that he was enslaved; and it nearly kept him from being located by Lawyer Henry B. Northrup as his days in slavery were about to come to an end.

Discuss whether the name, "Platt" affected Solomon throughout his life as a slave. If it affected him, explain how; and how he coped with or adjusted to having to live by "Platt" during the time of his enslavement.

If in the alternative in your estimation, the name change did not affect him, explain why that was; and how you were able to tell.

Essay Topic 3

Eliza expected to be issued her emancipation papers and begin living her lifelong dream of liberty with her two children, as the husband of her young mistress, Jacob Brooks led her into Washington City. Her dream was shattered however, when Brooks unexpectedly sold her and her children to slave trader, James H. Burch.

Not long afterward, Eliza’s children were taken away from her, and were separated and sold to different slave traders. She never saw them again, and spent the rest of her days wailing, crying, and mourning the loss of her children.

Did Eliza abandon her lifelong dream of living her life in liberty after she lost her children? If yes, how was that abandonment apparent? If no, how could you tell? Did it appear that Eliza was willing to give up liberty as long as she could spend the rest of her days with her children? If yes, how was her willingness to give up her liberty apparent? If no, how could you tell? What contributed more to Eliza giving up on life: Giving up on her dream of liberty? Or losing her children? List and explain the reason(s) to support your choice.

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