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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Solomon confident that everything would be fine at home if he left town with Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton?
(a) Because he did not expect to be gone for very long.
(b) Because all of his family members were engaged in routine activities.
(c) Because he trusted his wife, Anne to handle things while he was gone. She had done it before.
(d) Because the children did not need a babysitter; and his wife, Anne was too busy to notice his absence.

2. What did the fact that William Ford's slave, Walton had worked for Ford all of his life and spoke well about him say about Ford?
(a) That Walton had been instructed to not say anything bad about Ford.
(b) That Ford was basically a good man.
(c) That working for Ford was easy.
(d) That Ford never sold his slaves.

3. Why was Jacob Brooks willing to accompany Eliza to get her freedom papers?
(a) Because he wanted to impress Mrs. Berry and her daughter.
(b) Because he wanted to help Mrs. Berry and her daughter carry out their revenge against Eliza.
(c) Because he knew his way around the City, and could help Eliza find the place where freedom papers were issued with ease.
(d) Because he was a gentleman and did not mind accompanying Eliza.

4. In general, how did Mrs. Berry and her daughter feel about Eliza?
(a) Mrs. Berry and her daughter felt sorry for Eliza.
(b) Mrs. Berry and her daughter did not like Eliza.
(c) Mrs. Berry and her daughter had a lot of respect Eliza.
(d) Mrs. Berry and her daughter were very fond of Eliza.

5. What type of reputation did Solomon maintain while living in Saratoga Springs?
(a) Trustworthy and educated.
(b) Hardworking and respectable.
(c) Educated and hardworking.
(d) Clean-cut and respectable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was it important to Chapin to keep a dog on the property of the great house where he and Solomon stayed?

2. How did the slaves treat Solomon after his ordeal with Tibeats was over?

3. Why did Lawson take off in such high speed to find William Ford upon Chapin's request?

4. From what Solomon could tell, what was the exterior design of Williams' Slave Pen in Washington City supposed to accomplish?

5. Was there anything peculiar about Merrill Brown's or Abram Hamilton's behavior when the two men and Solomon were in Albany?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Solomon's first impression of Eliza in Chapter 3 of the book?

2. In Chapter 6 of the book, who suffered during the sale conducted at Freeman's Pen?

3. How did Solomon improve his life in Chapter 1 of the book?

4. What lead Solomon to believe that he could consider Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton to be friends of his in Chapter 2 of the book?

5. In Chapter 6 of the book, how did slave dealer Theoplilus Freeman treat the slaves whom he owned?

6. In Chapter 2 of the book, how did Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton persuade Solomon to travel to New York with them?

7. How was the slaves' departure from Washington City carried out in Chapter 4 of the book?

8. In Chapter 3 of the book, what type of role did Jacob Brooks play in the life of Eliza?

9. What prompted Solomon to want to help William Ford in terms of saving time and raising profits in Chapter 7 of the book?

10. In Chapter 1 of his book, how was Author Solomon Northrup able to depict his early years in life as normal?

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