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Advertising Agent Needed

It was March of 1841. Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton--the two men whom Solomon joined in traveling toward New York in Chapter 2 of the book, supported themselves by staging entertainment exhibitions along the way.

Their exhibitions included throwing balls, dancing on a rope, frying pancakes in a hat, and causing invisible pigs to squeal, along with other acts of ventriloquism and legerdemain.

Not many folks attended those events, and the men could have used an advertising agent to help increase attendance as well as profits.

Based on the exhibition details provided, create either a poster (on 8-1/2” x 11” paper will be fine) or a script that could have been used to attract more people to Hamilton and Brown’s exhibitions. Also include a brief explanation on the means of implementation for those or any other type of advertising campaign(s), given the limited means of communication...

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