Twelve Years a Slave Character Descriptions

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Solomon Northup

Born and raised as a free man in New York, this individual was later forbidden from claiming that State as a former place of residence. He was wrongfully enslaved for twelve years before regaining his freedom and returning to his family.

Anne Hampton

Highly dedicated to spouse and family, this individual developed a reputation as a great cook while working at the Eagle Tavern.

James H. Burch

This cruel and greedy individual was arrested for kidnapping, but escaped punishment based on a lack of knowledge claim.

Theophilus Freeman

This individual's involvement in the slave trade turned his surname into a misnomer.

John Manning

A friend to Northrup in need, this loyal and friendly individual also proved to be a friend to Northrup in deed.

John M. Tibeats

Supportive of him, word about the manner that Solomon dealt with this cruel, brutal, and vindictive individual spread far and...

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