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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephanie learn about while at the funeral parlor?
(a) Ranger's daughter being kidnapped
(b) Ranger's daughter's death
(c) Ranger being kidnapped
(d) A hostage situation at the bank

2. What damage is Carmen able to do to Stephanie's car?
(a) Ding in the bumper
(b) Rip off the side view mirror
(c) Put a dent in the door
(d) Break the window

3. What does Stephanie say will happen if Lula gets out of the car?
(a) Luis won't be able to walk on the corner anymore
(b) Luis will regret it
(c) Luis will be a grease spot
(d) Things will get ugly

4. What does Melvin threaten to do after Stephanie has introduced herself?
(a) Kill Stephanie
(b) Jump off the building
(c) Walk out into oncoming traffic
(d) Shoot himself

5. Who does the woman, Carmen Manoso, tell Stephanie that she is although Stephanie doesn't believe it?
(a) Her half sister
(b) Morelli's wife
(c) A lawyer
(d) Ranger's wife

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Caroline pull out from behind the counter when Stephanie introduces herself?

2. Where does Stephanie take Mary Lee before taking her to jail?

3. What does Ranger say he got arrested for when he was fourteen?

4. Why does Stephanie claim to be looking for the fake Ranger, Edward Scrog?

5. How is Stephanie connected to the owner of the bounty office she works for?

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