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Bond Office

This is where Stephanie works for her cousin. One of Ranger's men gets shot outside of this location when he responds to a report of a break-in.

Stephanie's Apartment

Ranger moves in to this place while on the run from the police and looking for his daughter.

Morelli's House

This place is much like the place where Stephanie grew up.

Black SUV

Carmen stakes out the bond office while in this. After Stephanie fails to see Carmen for a few days she checks this item and finds blood.


This is the name of Ranger's security and bounty hunting company.

Black Clothing

Ranger is known for wearing this. Edward Scrog imitates Ranger by wearing the same thing and when he kidnaps Stephanie he insists she wears the same.

Bullet Proof Vest

Ranger's men wear these while working and this habit saves one of Ranger's men. One...

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