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Essay Topic 1

Define love.

Part 1) Can either of the situations that Stephanie has with Ranger or Morelli be classified more easily as love? Explain.

Part 2) What is the difference in the relationship that she has with these two men?

Part 3) What is the difference in the way that Morelli and Ranger treat Stephanie?

Essay Topic 2

There are many instances of comic relief in the story.

Part 1) What characters seem to be pure comic relief?

Part 2) How would the story tone and mood have changed without these characters?

Essay Topic 3

Compare Morelli to Ranger.

Part 1) Given what is known about Morelli why did he wait to move in with Stephanie when he knew she was in trouble?

Part 2) Does it seem that Ranger was or was not respecting Stephanie? Explain.

Essay Topic 4

Explain Scrog's character.

Part 1) Is it possible that Scrog would have let Julie go if he had...

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