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Short Answer Questions

1. Sir Toby Belch claims that Olivia is what when speaking with Maria in Act II Scene III?

2. Valentine informs Orsino that Olivia will be observing a period of mourning for how many years in Act I?

3. The Captain compares Viola’s brother to whom “on the dolphin’s back” in Act I Scene II?

4. What is the true identity of Cesario in the play?

5. Who says in Act II Scene IV, “I am all the daughters of my father's house, And all the brothers too”?

Short Essay Questions

1. How have Viola’s situation and circumstances changed when she reappears in Act I Scene IV?

2. Describe the character of Maria. What is Maria’s role in Olivia’s household?

3. How does Olivia receive Viola/Cesario when she arrives at Olivia’s house in Act I Scene V?

4. What is an “aside”? Give an example of an aside in Act I.

5. What incident leads the merrymakers in the play to plot revenge on Malvolio in Act II Scene III?

6. With whom is Orsino preoccupied in Act I Scene I? How does this preoccupation manifest in his character?

7. What disguised identity does Viola take on in Act I? What is her appearance like in this disguise?

8. Where is Viola when she is first introduced in Act I Scene II? What has just taken place?

9. How are Orsino’s feelings about music illustrated in Act I Scene I? How do these feelings change in the course of the scene?

10. Who originates the idea of the prank on Malvolio in Act II? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characters of Sebastian and Viola in the play. What similarities do these siblings share? What differences? How do the twins feel about one another? How are they perceived by other characters in the play?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the characters of Viola and the Captain in Act I. Where has Viola come from when she is first introduced in the play? Who saved her and how? What does Viola believe has happened to her brother?

Essay Topic 3

Identity in Twelfth Night

a. Discuss the theme of identity in the play. How is this theme illustrated through symbolism and imagery?

b. Compare Olivia and Viola in the play. How do these characters each use disguise to mask their true identity?

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