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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word used by Olivia in Act IV Scene I means to wish evil on; to curse?
(a) Beshrew
(b) Mellifluous
(c) Dissemble
(d) Compensate

2. What word does Olivia use in Act IV Scene III to refer to a church pedestal?
(a) Chantry
(b) Convent
(c) Caterwauling
(d) Folly

3. Feste claims he is not lean enough to be thought what in Act IV Scene II?
(a) A good courtier
(b) A good sport
(c) A good student
(d) A thin man

4. What adjective from Act IV Scene III means held in high religious regard?
(a) Knave
(b) Consecrated
(c) Folly
(d) Hyperbolical

5. Of whom does Olivia speak when she says in Act III Scene IV, “he is sad and civil, and suits well for a servant with my fortunes”?
(a) Feste
(b) Titus
(c) Malvolio
(d) Fabian

6. Sir Andrew Aguecheek claims that he would rather be what than a politician in Act III Scene II?
(a) A Brownist
(b) A bonny maid
(c) An obscurest
(d) A policeman

7. What image is depicted on the jewel that Olivia gives Cesario in Act III Scene IV?
(a) Sebastian’s picture
(b) Viola’s picture
(c) Olivia’s picture
(d) The ocean

8. Sir Andrew Aguecheek claims that he’s seen Olivia do more favors to whom than ever she bestowed upon him in Act III Scene II?
(a) Cesario
(b) Fabian
(c) Jove
(d) Sebastian

9. What is the meaning of the word “requite” used in Act IV Scene II?
(a) Compensate
(b) Sleep
(c) Deny
(d) Beauty

10. What word from Act IV Scene II means exaggerated?
(a) Hyperbolical
(b) Knave
(c) Mellifluous
(d) Consecrated

11. What character says the following lines from Act III Scene IV: “If all the devils of hell be drawn in little, and Legion himself possessed him, yet I'll speak to him”?
(a) Feste
(b) Orsino
(c) Sir Toby Belch
(d) Fabian

12. What word used in Act III Scene IV means boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle?
(a) Valor
(b) Knave
(c) Mellifluous
(d) Dissemble

13. The jester states in Act IV Scene I, “These wise men that give fools money get themselves a good report” after how many years’ purchase?
(a) 11
(b) 14
(c) 6
(d) 4

14. What does the word “lubber,” used in Act IV Scene I, refer to?
(a) A count
(b) A lout
(c) A dance
(d) A race

15. What character speaks the following line in Act IV Scene I: “What relish is in this? how runs the stream? Or I am mad, or else this is a dream”?
(a) Orsino
(b) Sebastian
(c) The Priest
(d) Sir Toby Belch

Short Answer Questions

1. Referring to the jester, Viola speaks in soliloquy in Act III Scene I, stating, “This fellow is wise enough to play the fool; And to do that well craves a kind of” what?

2. What kind of instrument is the jester carrying when he enters with Viola in Act III Scene I?

3. Feste remarks that an old hermit said to a niece of whom, “What that is is” in Act IV Scene II?

4. Sir Toby Belch claims in Act III Scene II that “there is no love-broker in the world can more prevail in man's commendation with woman than report of” what?

5. Malvolio describes the room he is in as being what in Act IV Scene II?

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