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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The stage directions describe the setting of Act IV Scene I as taking place where?
(a) The sea-coast
(b) Duke Orsino’s Palace
(c) The Elephant
(d) Before Olivia’s house

2. What gemstone does Sebastian say Olivia gave him in Act IV Scene III?
(a) An opal
(b) A diamond
(c) An emerald
(d) A pearl

3. Who enters with Olivia in Act IV Scene III?
(a) Sir Toby Belch
(b) Titus
(c) The Captain
(d) The Priest

4. How many “wits” does Feste describe a human having in Act IV Scene II?
(a) 7
(b) 10
(c) 2
(d) 5

5. Referring to the jester, Viola speaks in soliloquy in Act III Scene I, stating, “This fellow is wise enough to play the fool; And to do that well craves a kind of” what?
(a) Disguise
(b) Honesty
(c) Deception
(d) Wit

6. What location does Antonio tell Sebastian is the best place to lodge in Act III Scene III?
(a) The Flamingo
(b) The Ostrich
(c) The Black Cat
(d) The Elephant

7. What Ionian Greek philosopher does Feste cite in Act IV Scene II?
(a) Pythagoras
(b) Socrates
(c) Pigrogromitus
(d) Aristotle

8. What costuming items does Maria give Feste to wear in Act IV Scene II?
(a) A robe and hat
(b) A dress and wig
(c) A gown and beard
(d) A ring and crown

9. The jester claims in Act IV Scene I that he would not “be in some of your coats” for how much money?
(a) 1 pence
(b) 2 pence
(c) 8 pence
(d) 5 pence

10. The jester states in Act IV Scene I, “These wise men that give fools money get themselves a good report” after how many years’ purchase?
(a) 4
(b) 11
(c) 6
(d) 14

11. What is the setting of Act III Scene I?
(a) The Indies
(b) The cubiculo
(c) Olivia’s garden
(d) Elysium

12. Olivia tells Cesario in Act III Scene IV, “A fiend like thee might bear my soul” where?
(a) To Illyria
(b) To Heaven
(c) To Elysium
(d) To hell

13. What character says the following lines from Act III Scene IV: “If all the devils of hell be drawn in little, and Legion himself possessed him, yet I'll speak to him”?
(a) Sir Toby Belch
(b) Orsino
(c) Fabian
(d) Feste

14. What legendary creature described as a two-legged dragon with a rooster's head does Sir Toby Belch mention in Act III Scene IV?
(a) Vulcan
(b) Gremlin
(c) Cockatrice
(d) Phoenix

15. Feste claims he is not lean enough to be thought what in Act IV Scene II?
(a) A thin man
(b) A good sport
(c) A good courtier
(d) A good student

Short Answer Questions

1. Regarding Malvolio, Maria says in Act III Scene II, “he does smile his face into more lines than is in the new map with the augmentation of” what?

2. What does the jester say his house stands next to in Act III Scene I?

3. Malvolio begs Feste to help him to find what in Act IV Scene II?

4. Sir Andrew Aguecheek claims that he’s seen Olivia do more favors to whom than ever she bestowed upon him in Act III Scene II?

5. Feste tells Malvolio in Act IV Scene II, “thou art more puzzled than the Egyptians in their” what?

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