Twelfth Night Character Descriptions

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Sir Andrew Aguecheek

This suitor to the rich Countess Olivia is praised for being gallant, or "as tall a man as any's in Illyria." He makes his first appearance in Act I Scene III, where he shows himself to be foolish.


This character is a sea Captain who becomes the devoted friend of a castaway after rescuing him from a shipwreck. He and his sister are twins who were "born [with] in an hour" of one another (Act II Scene I).

Sir Toby Belch

This character is a freeloader who lives off his niece and takes money from his friend. Believing that "care's an enemy to life," he indulges in food, drink, and song, and hopes to do so as long as there is "drink in Illyria" (Act I Scene III).

Sea Captain

This character’s first and only appearance occurs in Act I Scene II when...

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