Daily Lessons for Teaching Turtles All the Way Down

Green, John
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


The objective of this lesson is to examine anxiety, and how it controls Aza's life. Aza is a very anxious person. She tends to obsess and worry about things.Her anxiety seems to control the way she lives her life.


Class Discussion: How does the author reveal Aza's anxiety in Chapter 1? How does her feeling that she is fictional derive from her anxiety? How constant is the anxiety that Aza faces? How is her focus on microbes a symptom of her anxiety? How does anxiety consume Aza? How does anxiety make it difficult for Aza to communicate with her friends at lunch? How are Aza's actions and behavior driven by her anxiety? What outward sign is there of Aza's anxiety? What does Aza say about her thoughts? How do they get out of control? Why does she describe them as a spiral? How does anxiety...

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