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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Flora say she arranged her bed to appear that she was still in it while the governess was in the hallway?

2. Who serves as the governess' confidant?

3. How does the governess feel about the housekeeper's extreme happiness to see her?

4. What is the governess and Mrs. Grose's main goal concerning the stranger?

5. What does the governess decide to say about Miles being expelled?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Flora react to the supernatural presence at the lake, and how does the governess believe Flora will react to questioning about the ghosts at Bly?

2. Describe how the governess comes to be in Miles' room.

3. Why does Mrs. Grose react to the governess' absence from church the way that she does?

4. Explain the governess' afterthoughts about first seeing the stranger on the tower while taking her evening walk.

5. What does Mrs. Grose think about Miles and Flora's relationships with the ghosts?

6. In Chapter 2, when the governess first questions Mrs. Grose after learning of Miles' expulsion, what does she learn about her predecessor?

7. When Flora sneaks away one night after dinner, where does the governess think Flora has disappeared to, and why?

8. What are Miles' reasons for wanting to return to school?

9. Why does the governess feel that she must stay at Bly with Miles after she sends Mrs. Grose and Flora to her employer?

10. How does Mrs. Grose respond when the governess first tells her about the stranger that she has seen twice at Bly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Miles' role in the story changes while Flora's role remains static. In what ways does Miles' role change? What causes these changes? What results from these changes? How do the other characters' interactions with Miles change as his role within the narrative changes?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout "The Turn of the Screw", lines of social class are often blurred. How is this true with the governess and Mrs. Grose? How is this evident in the relationship between Peter Quint and Miss Jessel? Provide and explain examples of this in the relationships between Miles, Flora, Miss Jessel, and Peter Quint.

Essay Topic 3

Good versus evil is a prevalent theme in "The Turn of the Screw". Investigate the governess' perception of good versus evil. How does it change throughout the novel? What causes these changes? What are the governess' early misconceptions about good and evil?

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