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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the governess next feel a presence watching her and the children?

2. Why does the governess think Flora pretends not to see the presence at the lake?

3. Who does Mrs. Grose claim to be referring to when she says "he" prefers them young and pretty?

4. What is the governess' favorite time of day?

5. What else is included in the letter the governess receives?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Flora react when the governess accuses her of seeing Miss Jessel at the lake on the evening that Flora sneaks away after dinner?

2. What is the governess' reaction to seeing the man on the tower?

3. How does Mrs. Grose respond when the governess first tells her about the stranger that she has seen twice at Bly?

4. Why does the governess experience uncertainty twice in Chapter 1?

5. Describe the scene between the governess and Miss Jessel when the governess returns to Bly after her conversation in the graveyard with Miles.

6. Describe the governess' thoughts on the way to church.

7. Describe the scene between Miles and the governess after dinner the day that Mrs. Grose and Flora leave Bly.

8. Describe Mrs. Grose's opinion about Miss Jessel and Peter Quint when the governess questions her about them.

9. What does the governess believe Miles will do after their conversation about him returning to school?

10. Describe Mrs. Grose's version of why Miles is bad.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The governess and Miss Jessel both act as teachers to the children. Compare and contrast these two women. How do the actions of one influence the other?

Essay Topic 2

Investigate "The Turn of the Screw" as gothic fiction. How does it adhere to and differ from a typical gothic novel? What changes could be made to mark it clearly as gothic fiction? How could it be altered to avoid being termed gothic fiction?

Essay Topic 3

There is a strong sense of ambiguity in the governess' discussions with Miles and Flora about the ghosts. Describe the many ambiguous conversations and actions concerning the ghosts throughout "The Turn of the Screw". Why is this not more direct? How would a direct conversation about the ghosts change the story?

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