The Turn of the Screw Character Descriptions

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Douglas - This character reads the untitled story and has a cryptic relationship with the author of the story.

Flora - This charming character denies seeing ghosts and is eventually sent away from Bly for using inappropriate language, and for protection.

The Governess - This character is responsible for others and worries that their souls are in danger due to their interactions with ghosts.

Mrs.Grose & Miss Jessel - These characters work at Bly, though one is dead at the time that the action of the story occurs.

Miles - This character is expelled from school and dies at Bly after acknowledging one of the ghosts.

The Narrator - This character introduces the terrible tale in the frame story.

Peter Quint - This character appears as a ghost and is first mistaken for an intruder. While living, this character had an affair with someone from a...

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