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Short Answer Questions

1. Which resident of the colony is the first to become pregnant?

2. Who nominates Caroline to be the group's first mayor in Chapter 8?

3. Before delivering a marriage certificate to Bob and Carmen, Caroline decorates it with what?

4. What is the new name given to the settlement, as mentioned early in Chapter 14?

5. During an evening meeting in Chapter 10, who stands up and demands information regarding a constitution and bill of rights?

Short Essay Questions

1. The first part of Chapter 11 is told from whose point of view?

2. Under Grant's leadership, how frequently are town meetings held?

3. How do Rod and Caroline clash the first time they try to hunt together?

4. Where does Rod think the students should move their colony?

5. Why do some students in the settlement start to feel disenchanted with Grant's leadership?

6. What demands does Rod make of Grant in Chapter 10, before agreeing to serve as his city manager?

7. What do Rod and Roy discover, as far downstream as they can go?

8. Why are Rod and Roy slow to return from their expedition?

9. Why, according to Caroline, is Carmen unable to relocate to a new place?

10. In Chapter 10, why is Caroline appointed historian for the settlement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rod Walker, the protagonist of the novel, is confronted by many antagonists--some real, some imagined. How does Rod typically deal with antagonists who disagree with him or try to thwart his purposes? What characters or creatures seem to be antagonists at first, but eventually turn out not to be? What characters or creatures seem benign at first, but eventually turn out to be antagonists?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the family dynamics of the Walker family, as depicted early in the novel. Why do Rod's parents conceal from him the fact that Rod's father is terminally ill and the fact that both of Rod's parents plan to be frozen for twenty years in the hope that a cure will be found? How do the family dynamics change by the final chapter, as a result of Rod's new life experiences and the passage of time?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the governmental styles of Rod Walker and Grant Cowper. How are the two ultimately able to work together, despite their differences? What does this say about Heinlein's attitudes toward democracy and dictatorship, cooperation and autonomy?

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