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Short Answer Questions

1. During his expedition with Rod in Chapter 11, why does Roy kill a dopey joe?

2. Why does Rod insist, at the end of Chapter 13, that the students should stay put rather than move their settlement?

3. In Chapter 14 when the survivors discuss what they would do if rescue finally comes, who is the only person to say he would return to Terra?

4. In Chapter 11, why does Roy resign his appointed position as the boss hunter?

5. During the wedding at the beginning of Chapter 11, what instrument does Caroline play?

Short Essay Questions

1. What demands does Rod make of Grant in Chapter 10, before agreeing to serve as his city manager?

2. Who stands up for Bob and Carmen during their wedding ceremony?

3. Early in Chapter 8, how is Jack injured?

4. Where does Rod think the students should move their colony?

5. What two characters on Earth were married while Rod and his friends are stranded on the unknown planet?

6. Why, according to Caroline, is Carmen unable to relocate to a new place?

7. When rescuers arrive, who is the only student who refuses to return home?

8. Why don't students want to relocate to the caves Rod and Roy discovered?

9. During a square dance in Chapter 14, what do almost all of the students say they would do if rescuers come?

10. Who finally convinces Rod to return home to Earth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing is a useful literary technique, in which an author hints at future events in subtle ways. Much can be learned about characters, based on their ability to recognize or overlook such clues. Describe and discuss at least two examples of foreshadowing in "Tunnel in the Sky." If applicable, also describe and discuss an instance of potential foreshadowing that remained unrealized.

Essay Topic 2

What elements must be present in order for a novel to be classified as science fiction? How do descriptions early in the novel lead the reader into the world of "Tunnel in the Sky," creating the situations and showcasing the technologies necessary for the plot to develop? What is the author's attitude regarding the technologies he imagines in this world?

Essay Topic 3

What clues does the author provide as the novel progresses that dopey joes may not be mere harmless, slow, clumsy creatures? What ultimate impact do the dopey joes have on the settlement created by the stranded students? What lesson does Heinlein wish to impart, by showcasing the dramatic changes exhibited by the dopey joes?

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