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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack keep water inside the shelter?

2. In Chapter 7, Jack asks Rod to abandon being logical in favor of being what?

3. In Chapter 2, what sort of lamp does Mr. Walker light before dinner?

4. Who is the instructor for Rod's survival course?

5. Rod's friend jokes that their survival instructor would eat what, without salt?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice does Deacon Matson give Rod, regarding the final exam?

2. Where does Rod believe he and the other students have been abandoned?

3. What unusual phenomenon do Jack and Rod see in the sky at the end of Chapter 5, in addition to the pentagonal constellation?

4. Why is Chapter 2 titled, "The Fifth Way?"

5. Why do Rod, Jack, and Jimmy decide to signal other students to join their group?

6. Who does the "dead" student in the tree turn out to be?

7. Describe the invention of Dr. Jesse Evelyn Ramsbotham, as compared with the item he intended to invent.

8. What major setback does Rod suffer at the conclusion of Chapter 3?

9. Why does Deacon Matson fail several students before they even start their final exam?

10. What hunting technique do Rod and Jack develop together?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Near the end of the novel when officials from Terra arrive to rescue the students, why is Rod the only one who wishes to stay on the new planet? Why are the other students so anxious to leave, even though many had previously stated that they would never want to return home? What irresistible attractions draw them home, that could never be replicated in Cowpertown?

Essay Topic 2

What do the cliff dwellings discovered by Rod and Roy in Chapter 11 signify? What does the beach of bones discovered by the same two characters signify? How do the two characters react to their discoveries? How do the beach of bones and they cliff dwellings amplify the sense of abandonment felt by the students on the unknown planet?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the main character's changing perception of "stobor" throughout the novel. What, ultimately, is a "stobor?" Why should everyone watch out for "stobor?"

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