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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Helen's knife?
(a) Mack the Knife.
(b) Bluebeard.
(c) Colonel Bowie.
(d) Lady Macbeth.

2. In Chapter 7, Jack asks Rod to abandon being logical in favor of being what?
(a) Hopeful.
(b) Relaxed.
(c) Practical.
(d) Realistic.

3. What is the religion of the Walker family?
(a) Evangelical Monist.
(b) Quaker.
(c) Lunism.
(d) New Baptist.

4. In Chapter 7, why do Rod, Jack, and Jimmy decide to start a signal fire?
(a) To attract other survivors.
(b) To warn other survivors to stay away.
(c) To attract animals to kill.
(d) To frighten animals.

5. What trick does Jack use before entering the shelter, to ensure no animals are lurking within?
(a) Shouting.
(b) Throwing thorn bush branches inside.
(c) Throwing a flaming branch inside.
(d) Throwing gravel inside.

6. What unit of currency does Rod spend while watching the travelers at Emigrants' Gap?
(a) Half-pluton coins.
(b) Bedlovian coins.
(c) Luna dollars.
(d) Terra half-dollars.

7. What does Dr. Ramsbotham's invention allow people to do?
(a) By stepping through a gate, people can travel through time.
(b) By stepping through a gate, people can be transported hundreds or thousands of miles in seconds.
(c) By using special viewers, people can experience virtual travel.
(d) By allowing themselves to be frozen, people can wait for terminal illnesses to be curable.

8. Which of the original three survivors loses most often at their nightly games?
(a) Rod.
(b) The three are evenly matched.
(c) Jack.
(d) Jimmy.

9. After finishing school, Rod hopes to travel where?
(a) Luna.
(b) The Heavenly Mountains.
(c) The Outlands.
(d) The Australasian Republic.

10. How does Jack keep water inside the shelter?
(a) In a skin.
(b) A small stream trickles through.
(c) In a well.
(d) In a canteen.

11. On the unknown planet, from which direction does the sun rise?
(a) Southeast.
(b) North.
(c) East.
(d) Northwest.

12. What is the name of Jack's personal knife?
(a) Lady Macbeth.
(b) Jack Sparrow.
(c) Colonel Bowie.
(d) Bluebeard.

13. What element is needed to power the transport tunnels?
(a) Calcium.
(b) Cadmium.
(c) Uranium.
(d) Plutonium.

14. Where does Rod conceal his sister's knife, in preparation for the final exam?
(a) Under a bandage on his leg.
(b) In his vest pack.
(c) In his mess kit.
(d) In a hip holster.

15. Rod is informed that the exit gate from his final exam will be where?
(a) As much as thirty kilometers in the direction of sunrise.
(b) As much as twenty kilometers in the direction of sunrise.
(c) As much as twenty kilometers in the direction of sunset.
(d) As much as ten kilometers in the direction of sunset.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much meat does Jack want to take, when the two are ready to part ways?

2. What new signal do Rod, Jack, and Jimmy create in Chapter 7 when they move their signal fire?

3. At Emigrants' Gap, Rod watches emigrants from the Australasian Republic being sent to a destination planet known as what?

4. How many moons does the unknown planet have, according to Jack?

5. What piece of equipment does Rod use to help him sleep securely during his first night on the unknown planet?

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