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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Rod's father made such an unusual decision, as described in Chapter 2?
(a) Rod's father is bankrupt, and he hopes his finances will improve while he is frozen.
(b) Rod's father is dying, and he hopes a cure will be found while he is frozen.
(c) Rod's father believes that being frozen is a vital religious ritual.
(d) Rod's mother is dying, and he hopes a cure will be found while she is frozen.

2. What is Helen's greatest wish, for which she would give up her career?
(a) A new career as a teacher.
(b) Six babies and a farm.
(c) Two babies and a picket fence.
(d) Travel to the Outlands.

3. What does Rod's sister call their father?
(a) Father Walker.
(b) Roderick.
(c) Dad.
(d) Pater.

4. In Chapter 7, Jack asks Rod to abandon being logical in favor of being what?
(a) Practical.
(b) Hopeful.
(c) Realistic.
(d) Relaxed.

5. Where does Rod's new friend, Jack, live?
(a) In a cave.
(b) In a tree.
(c) In an underground burrow.
(d) In the brush.

6. What is unusual about Rod Walker's family home, as compared with newer homes in the area?
(a) The Walkers' home features an above-ground living room.
(b) The Walkers' home is larger than most.
(c) The Walkers' home contains a bomb shelter.
(d) The Walkers' home is adjacent to a transport tunnel.

7. Why does Rod's friend consider dropping out of the survival course?
(a) He is afraid.
(b) His family has financial difficulties.
(c) He plans to change schools.
(d) He has the flu.

8. Once through the gate to the unknown planet, who is the first classmate Rod sees?
(a) Johann.
(b) Bob.
(c) Jimmy.
(d) Caroline.

9. Who do Rod and Jack discover in a tree in Chapter 6?
(a) Jimmy.
(b) Carmen.
(c) Bob.
(d) Johann.

10. What revelation does Jimmy make at the end of Chapter 6 regarding Jack that shocks Rod?
(a) Jack is a college student.
(b) Jack stole Rod's knife.
(c) Jack is a girl.
(d) Jack is Jimmy's cousin.

11. What is Helen's nickname for Rod?
(a) Buddy.
(b) Deacon.
(c) Pater.
(d) Ruddy.

12. In Chapter 7, why do Rod, Jack, and Jimmy decide to start a signal fire?
(a) To frighten animals.
(b) To attract animals to kill.
(c) To attract other survivors.
(d) To warn other survivors to stay away.

13. What trick does Jack use before entering the shelter, to ensure no animals are lurking within?
(a) Throwing a flaming branch inside.
(b) Shouting.
(c) Throwing gravel inside.
(d) Throwing thorn bush branches inside.

14. In Chapter 2, what sort of lamp does Mr. Walker light before dinner?
(a) A lunar reflector.
(b) A plutonium lantern.
(c) A Peace Lamp.
(d) Asian sconces.

15. How does Rod travel from school to home?
(a) Via underwater shuttle.
(b) Via tunnels that allow for almost instantaneous transport.
(c) Via intercontinental subway.
(d) Via rocket ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of gun does Rod obtain from the school armorer, prior to leaving Earth for his final exam?

2. What hunting technique do Rod and Jack develop in Chapter 7?

3. What recreational item does Jimmy categorize as survival equipment?

4. What does Dr. Ramsbotham's invention allow people to do?

5. Why do Rod, Jack, and Jimmy alter the placement of their original signal fire in Chapter 7?

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