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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Savage and Chapter 5, The Nova.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Helen advise Rod not to carry a gun during his survival test?
(a) Other students will gang up on him and steal it.
(b) Carrying a gun, he might forget that he is the hunted, not the hunter.
(c) Rod could be disqualified if his gun were discovered by his instructor.
(d) Guns don't work in all atmospheres and gravitational fields.

2. At the beginning of Chapter 4, why does Rod believe he missed the recall signal to go to the exit gate?
(a) He had been unconscious sometimes, laying in a tree, while his arm healed.
(b) He might have been asleep.
(c) His ears were stopped up after swimming in the river.
(d) He might have miscalculated the direction of sunrise.

3. What element is needed to power the transport tunnels?
(a) Calcium.
(b) Plutonium.
(c) Uranium.
(d) Cadmium.

4. Who is the instructor for Rod's survival course?
(a) Doctor Throxton.
(b) Deacon Baxter.
(c) Doctor Garcia.
(d) Deacon Matson.

5. After Rod is hit over the head and robbed in Chapter 3, what items does he have left?
(a) His shorts and his sister's knife.
(b) His shorts.
(c) His shorts, his knife, and field rations.
(d) His knife, his sister's knife, and a canteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the time of the novel, what exists where the Statue of Liberty once stood?

2. What sort of entrée does Rod enjoy during his meal at home in Chapter 2?

3. In Chapter 4, what sort of animal comes up behind Jack while the two are sharing their meal?

4. In what condition is the first classmate Rod sees on the unknown planet?

5. Students are advised to watch out for what, while visiting the unknown planet?

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