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Playing Cards

When the Baxters get married, Jimmy gives this item to them as a wedding gift.

Colonel Bowie

This is Rod Walker's knife, stolen early in the survival test.

Lady Macbeth

When Rod is knocked unconscious and all of his supplies is stolen, he still has this item because it was hidden under a bandage taped to his leg.


Rod creates this object by tying his knife to the end of a stick.

Climbing Rope

When the students begin to gather together, all of this item is put in a shared inventory to be used for the good of the community.

Caroline's Diary

This object is used to keep notes on town meetings.

Dopey Joes

These animals cause Cowpertown a great deal of trouble during their first experience with the migration season, attacking the settlement and chasing large animals through the settlement.

Ramsbotham Gates

These are...

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